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Thread: Issues with drive letter while installing Vista

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    Issues with drive letter while installing Vista

    I am having a hard drive with two partitions among which one has some data and the secind is empty (formatted NTFS).

    Here my problem starts, when I install Vista on the 'Empty' partition, my data partition is taking C: which I don't want for simple reason I don't want to lose my data on that partition.

    Is it possible to force Windows to ignore the 1st partition or some other way in order to get rid of this situation?

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    Try installing Vista on some different drive because according to me during the install process Windows ends up naming the drive as C anyway. So even if you clicked D (for example), once the install has completed it would be relabelled to C automatically.

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    About one ago, I have upgraded my system with Windows XP 64 bit and installed it on another partition letter and it assigned the system drive as E. The worst part is that we can't change the system drive with a different letter after installation.

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    Try installing into E drive, change the drive letter for the partition that has some data and is currently assigned to C to something different, lets say F or H, and then re-install the OS again. Hope this will help you.

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