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Thread: Super Talent launches new super fast SATA-II SSDs

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    Super Talent launches new super fast SATA-II SSDs

    Super Talent today unveiled two new lines of storage DSS so-called third generation. They are devoid of moving parts and thus have a lifetime and improved performance compared to their hard drives. The manufacturer of flash memory Californian has therefore launched the PX and OX MasterDrive who board new controllers Serial ATA-II, enabling them to significantly increase their speed transfers.

    The range high performance PX MasterDrive SLC uses technology that allows data rates of 170 Mb / s reading and 130 Mb / s writing. Two models are available for this series, a first 32 GB charged $ 500 and a second with a capacity of 64 GB charged $ 850. Extremely durable and capable of withstanding large shocks, they are guaranteed three years.

    The MasterDrive OX for their use MLC technology which can cut costs and increase storage space at the expense of performance. With this technology increases the density by storing more bits on a single memory cell. This implies a lower resistance to the mistakes and therefore requires a more complex controller, which slows transfers. What justify their limited warranty for one year only? The latter, declined capacity of 32, 64 and 128 GB, therefore merely flow of 150 Mb / s reading and 100 Mb / s writing. They, however, are more affordable and trades the USA for 150, 260 and 420 dollars.

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    It is still quite expensive!

    $ 420 for 128 GB?

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    it will eventually fall, because the future of storage is in great shape

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