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Thread: USB OR PCI TV Tuner Card?

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    USB OR PCI TV Tuner Card?

    What to buy a TV Tuner card for my Windows XP desktop computer, not sure if I should get an external USB/internal PCI.
    Can anyone recommend a good TV Tuner card that is easy to install and has good software? Freeview & a remote would be a bonus.

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    Meh I reckon the usb ones have piss weak tuners in them and only really work when you have super good reception. If its for a laptop I guess you have little choice. I couldn't really recomend a usb one though sorry.

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    I like the idea of not having to install a PCI TV tuner.
    Would anyone like to comment on the pro/cons of a USB TV tuner? At the moment there is only a coaxial cable but intend to replace TV aerial with a satellite dish at a later date. Can anyone comment on the ease of installing and using WIN-TV/hauppauge software?

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    Does anyone know ,if they make "USB tv turners" that allow you to plug your VCR or xbox into your laptop also. (i know you can buy the cards that allow it, but i thought a usb connection is more compatable.)

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