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Thread: What to do with this new Hard Disk?

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    What to do with this new Hard Disk?

    OK now i have got a new Hard Drive for myself ie.Samsung Spin Point 720GB. Its new & fast! I alsohave got Vista 64bit for me.
    I already have Vista 32bit installed on my current 512GB HDD & 4GB of RAM,
    Now i have a confusion Should i move my data to this new drive & installVista 64bit on it so that i can utilize my 4GB RAM & use the current HDD for storing media files?

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    If you have a new Drive with you then install Vista64 bit on it & use the HDD fou you. Move your required data on this new drive & keep the current HDD as a storage disk
    You have an option to use both the Drives with dual boot setup.
    Choice is yours!

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