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Thread: Messed up with my keyboard

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    Messed up with my keyboard

    I need help badly.
    Last week while working on my laptop got cold coffee poured on it. So you can imagine what i am going through.
    So i kept my laptop unused for 7 days & it dried screen is working fine.
    But the keyboard is giving me problems. Some keys are not working, when i type the letter "r" I will get the letter "e". "@" key shuts down the system. This question was typed with on-screen keyboard!
    What should i do now to fix this?

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    I have myself on occation had cups of coffe and beer washed over a laptop and they all survived it. I had to quickly remove power source and the battery, turn them upside down, dry wipe off as much as possible and place them relatively close to a moderate heat source. On the other hand, I haven't had the same luck with cell phones...

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    Why not replace the keyboard ? Laptop keyboards are normally super easy to swap out !! or
    Leave it as long as you can, with a house fan or similar blowing at it to increase evaporation. Try to hang it upside down somehow, to let the water remain (probably none, but you never know) run out the way it came in.

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    I'd suggest (after waiting a couple days to see if the problem resolves itself) swapping out the keyboard. Depending on what kind of laptop you've got, replacing the keyboard should be pretty easy. I did it just a month ago (and I've got the same aversion to screwdrivers and expensive electronic equipment as you) and it turns out that it's a very simple process.

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    I spilled water on a homemade laptop once, lots some important keys (half of the right side) and I couldn't figure out how to fix it after days of taking it apart. I ended up getting a new chassis for about $500, but was able to swap in the other parts okay.

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