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Thread: How to control Moto X through Voice Commands

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    How to control Moto X through Voice Commands

    Moto X brings up a more improved voice control feature. to activate the same you have to use command OK Google Now. That's it. It will start and you can tell your phone to do stuff. Like you can tell the phone to call someone, you can find information on Google Search, you can use Google maps. You have to be a bit accurate in using the same. The good thing here is that when you activate Touchless Control, you can train your voice by playing a very short tutorial. Through which the voice control support is able to identify your command easily. To use, you have to finish up the tutorial in a quiet room. There are ample of commands you can use. Touchless support is helpful when you cannot use the touch screen. For example you are looking for navigation, you can say OK Google Now and then say navigate to Post Office. You just have to say the name of that specific place and through gps the device will give you direction. It will show the detail in the default Map application. In the same way you can tell Moto X to make call. You can say Call Peter Home. The device will make the call. It is a very handy and in Moto X the voice recognition is more accurate. The process to turn it on is simple.

    Moto X Voice Commands

    Tap on the Setting section and in that at the bottom side below Active Display you can see Touchless Control. Tap on it.

    Moto X Voice Control Settings

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    Re: How to control Moto X through Voice Commands

    A short tutorial begins. Follow the screen instruction so that the device can record your sample voice. This is just one time setup. You have to choose a quiet room for that. Tap on let's get started.

    Moto X Voice Gesture

    The next things you will see is few tiny samples to run a command. Just tap on play sample to understand it.

    Moto X Voice

    After doing that you can start recording your voice and that will be useful for using voice commands. Tap on Record.

    Moto X Voice

    Start with speaking OK Google Now. The app will try to locate the sound and if there is lots of noise it won't move ahead. You have to find a quiet place for this. Once done you can now activate the voice control anytime by saying OK Google Now.

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