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Thread: How to get amazing official themes for Sony Xperia Z2

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    How to get amazing official themes for Sony Xperia Z2

    Everyone loves to decorate their phone with themes, launchers, wallpapers, and with many other stuff. but sometime you overload the device with many things making it slow for usage. The Sony Xperia Z2 is a high end device with good hardware. Due to which it does not slow down when you are using different launchers on it or when you are applying new themes. But is essential that you must choose wisely. Do not just download any other theme app or apk files directly from the web. They can have malware or can cause serious impact on the phone performance. There is a good news for those who want to use new themes on the device. There is a way through which you can get some really awesome and official themes for Xperia Z2. Most of this themes are provided by Sony itself and it is very simple to use. There are different themes based on movies, games, travel, etc. Almost all of them are official Xperia themes which will work well and will not lag or cause any performance issue. So if you are ready then you can add as many themes you want on your phone and change it. The theme does not only change the wallpaper but it also customize the icons.

    Xperia Z2 Theme settings

    Tap on Settings and then tap on Personalization below Device.

    Xperia Z2 themes

    From Personalization you can see Xperia Themes as the second option from top.

    Xperia Z2 themes

    You can now see a set of pre-installed themes of the device. this are mostly based on color scheme.

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    Re: How to get amazing official themes for Sony Xperia Z2

    Xperia Z2 official themes

    From the top right tap on the plus button. It will take you to Sony Select from where you can download various themes for your device.

    Xperia Z2 themes

    For Example I tap on Spiderman theme. It will take you to the play store for download.

    Xperia Z2 themes download

    Tap on Install and wait back until it is downloaded. A theme can be around 10mb or higher depending on its content.

    Xperia Z2 theme settings

    Once it is installed go back on the theme section by pressing the Return key to time. You can see the new theme under Downloaded at the top side. To apply just tap on it.

    Xperia Z2 theme settings

    You will see a screen where you can see what all changes this theme can do. To add tap on Apply theme button. And if you want to delete, tap on the three dots on top right and tap on delete.

    Xperia Z2 official themes

    You can now checkout the new theme on home screen and in the app drawer.

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