Moto X has a feature to add a printer for future use. If you have printer configured in your office or home you can use it as a default one on Moto X. There are two kinds of printer work with Moto X. First a regular printer that is connected directly to a pc through usb. To use this printer you have to keep the pc on as we are going to add the printer on Google Cloud Print. And the pc is the only way to keep it connected. The second is Cloud Ready Printers. They have cloud support in it. Most common printer are the one that we use through usb or through lan. I am going to show you the process through which you can hook your printer on cloud and then add that in Moto X. Next time if you have any email, or photo to print you can instantly do that from the device directly. The process is divided into two parts. First we have to configure the printer on Google Cloud. And second we have to add the printer on Moto X. If you are having a printer which is connected on the lan network then you don't have to leave any pc on. This type of printers are available through IP address and are accessible through internet. The one which I am going to test is HP Deskjet 1022 Black and White. This printer works through usb only and is connected on a pc on the network. I had configured in on lan with sharing on. Lets checkout the process of adding the printer on Moto X.

Google Cloud Print

Open your web browser and in that type - There are two options here. First adding a classic printer and second adding a Cloud Ready Printer.

Cloud Printer Setup

If you are not sure whether your printer is Cloud Ready or not click on Add Cloud Ready Printer button. you can see the list of printers with models and make. Try to find your model in that. If not then go back to the previous page and click on Add Classic Printer.

Cloud Ready Printer setup

After clicking on Add Classic Printer, you will see a full process of connecting printer with your Gmail account.

Google Cloud Printer Sync

For that first go in Chrome Settings.

Google Chrome settings

Now scroll down and then click on Show Advance Settings.

Chrome Cloud Sync settings

Scroll slowly towards down to find Google Cloud Print and click on Manage.

Google Cloud

The next screen you will see is a Add Printer button with list of Devices. The device in which your email id is configured. Click on Add Printer first.

Google Cloud Printer Link

After clicking on that you will see the list of printers. Click on it and then choose Add Printer.

Google Cloud Printer

Finally the printer is registered on the cloud print.