How do I set the microSD card as the default storage location?
  • Go to Settings, and touch Storage > Default storage location > SD card.

What can I do if my phone does not have sufficient storage
  • If you have inserted a microSD card into your phone, move your photos, songs, videos, and other files to the microSD card.
  • Clean your phone storage.
  • Go to Phone Manager, touch Storage cleaner, and follow the onscreen instructions to perform a smart scan, and clear the application cache, system trash files, applications not in use and their installation packages, and large files, such as videos.

How do I view the lyrics of a song when the song is playing?
  • Download the lyrics file in .lrc format. Place the lyrics file and song in the same folder and make sure their names are consistent.
  • When you play the song using the native music player, flick right on the playback screen to view the lyrics.

What can I do if my phone can't play online music or videos?
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the Adobe Flash Player plug-in before you play the online music or video.
  • If the problem persists, perform the following operations:
  • Open the browser, touch> Settings > Advanced > Enable plug-ins, and choose Always on. Then try again.

What can I do if I can't use the flash?
  • Set the flash mode to mandatory. The flash will always turn on when you are taking a photo or shooting a video.
  • If the flash mode is set to auto, the camera will turn the flash on or off based on the ambient light. If you want to turn on the flash in a bright environment, enable mandatory flash mode.
  • If the flash can't turn on in mandatory mode, check whether your phone has sufficient battery.
  • Your phone automatically disables power-intensive functions, such as the flash, when the battery level is low.
  • Charge your phone if necessary.
  • The flash may not turn on if your phone is overheated or the flash is too frequently used. Wait for a while and try again.

How do I export contacts to another phone using a SIM card
  • Go to the contacts list, touch> Import/Export > Export to SIM card, and follow the onscreen instructions to export contacts from your phone to the SIM card.
  • Then insert the SIM card into another phone, and import the contacts to that phone.

How do I close background applications?
  • Go to Phone Manager, touch Phone accelerator, and follow the onscreen instructions to close applications you do not need to use.

How do I disable power-intensive notification?
  • Go to Settings, and touch Power saving. Touch> Settings, and disable Power-intensive prompt.

What can I do if I can't connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot?
  • If the Wi-Fi hotspot is encrypted, check that the password you entered is correct. Note that the password is case-sensitive.
  • lCheck whether the Wi-Fi hotspot name or password has changed. If so, obtain the new information and try again.
  • lMake sure you are within the working range of the Wi-Fi hotspot; otherwise the Wi-Fi connection will automatically disconnect.
  • lThe number of connected devices may have reached the Wi-Fi hotspot's limit. Try connecting to another available network.
  • lIf your phone can't connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot and keeps obtaining an IP address, set a static IP address for it as follows:
  • For an encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot, on the Wi-Fi settings screen, touch the hotspot.
  • In the displayed dialog box, select the Show advanced options check box. Under IP settings, touch the drop-down list box, and choose Static. Then enter the IP address and domain name.
  • Enter the password, and touch Connect.