Today, more than 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds! In this saturated space, it becomes essential to stand out and leverage the virality of content. Here are some tips to emerge in online video.

1 - Well-Prepared
Most of the time, a viral video does not get across. This requires a lot of preparation. We must therefore first define its objectives, or the target (s) involved, but also about the tone to be used for video.

2 - The internet before the mark
The aim is that the video content enough deceive Internet users to decide to share and talk about him. We must therefore take into account the interests of the target before the interests of the brand. Also note that the target of the video is not necessarily that of the brand.

3 - To generate interest and / or emotion
So that the user is willing to share the video, it is essential that it does so react or implied. You have to play on emotions but also provide maximum interactivity.

4 - Quality and size optimized
The video must be high quality, preferably in HD, but also professional achievement. The era of viral videos filmed in the webcam is clearly over. To optimize its virality and its ability to be shareable, it is preferable that the film does not last more than 3 or 4 minutes. This allows not to lose the attention of consumers and especially to facilitate consultation of mobile video. We must also think of inserting social plugins on the site where the video is published to facilitate sharing on social networks. Finally, it is better to avoid full flash sites.

5 - Capturing the attention from the first seconds
The first seconds of the video are crucial: they must make you want the user to watch later. It is important to elicit strong emotions from its inception. The visual showing the video before clicking "play" is also essential.

6 - Be unforgettable
This recommendation proves once again that emotion must be prearranged at time and place. We need the video to be compelling, innovative in tone and format. The goal is to successfully surprise but ideally without shocking users under penalty of making a bad buzz. This promotes the sharing and virality.

7 - Be Real
It is possible to stage employees, bosses or clients. Show the reactions of these real people instead of using actors is often a good way to give authenticity to a movie.

8 - Launching and Monitoring
Virality is not due to a fluke but requires real activation and optimization of its launch on the internet work. The week before the online, do not hesitate to send its video journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders. It is also necessary to ensure coverage on at least two or three influential sites before publication.

9 - What presence for the brand?
The presence of the brand is to remain discreet. Indeed, we must not confuse his viral video with a traditional advertising spot 30 seconds! If a logo appeared on his screen within seconds, it is possible that the Internet is interpreted as advertising and not viewing the rest of the video.

10 - Succeeding in SEO
SEO is essentially based on the text. It is therefore essential that the keywords are present in the title, but also in the description of the video. Hint: you can use the option captioning Youtube because its text is used for referencing.

Things to Remember
More than a fluke, virality or buzz of a video posted on Youtube is really one of an advanced digital strategy. The success of such videos actually resides in a number of parameters need to master and control throughout the broadcast.