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Thread: How to prevent Virus on Android mobile and tablet

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    How to prevent Virus on Android mobile and tablet

    Android being the most popular mobile platform is also the most vulnerable. You can find that easily in recent news that each day new ways are developed to infect android. It has become the large mobile operating system on globe within few years. One of the major issue with Android is that it is prone to various virus and malware attacks. This is being done to pull out the data from your phone, use your phone to spread malware, high bills, etc. There are so many apps that are on Google Play and on different third party download site. This are freely distributed with bugs in them. It is always good to simply follow a few thing that can protect your device from getting hacked. In this guide I am going to cover up those important points. High end Smartphone's are often use for banking transactions. Being a portable solution you can use it like a computer but you are also missing out proper security. Here a few things you can do is always lock your phone screen with a pin.

    So that if you lose the phone it is not easy for anyone to unlock it. IT will also prevent them accessing your data. Configure Android Device Manager app on your phone. This will help you to remote wipe the phone. And also trace its location. It is not recommended to use public wifi. Also switch of your phone Bluetooth if you are not using it. Some Smartphone comes with data encryption. But this slow down the phone performance. There are lot more things you can do to prevent your device from getting a virus or malware.

    Use reputed play stores only:

    Google Play Store

    Never download apk files from non trusted sites. If you are using Google Play use popular app developers. Most of the apps which are free comes loaded with ads. This not only slow down your phone output but also force you to install sometime. I had seen this commonly you see a big popup ad on the screen and when you tap it redirect to a site. From where you get another popup to download and install something. This type of behavior must always blocked. Whenever you are redirected to your browser remove the app. There are too many random download location on the web that give you free apk files which are charged on Google Play. Do not fell in the trap.

    Get a good antivirus:

    Norton Antivirus

    Using a good antivirus for your phone is recommended. Like I am using Norton. Whenever you install any application in the phone this antivirus will scan it and give you a notification if there is a problem. For low end phone antivirus can affect the performance, but for high end and mid range phone you can use any which is nice. It is not the best solution but atleast you have a security app in the phone which can give you real-time protection. There are many free antivirus available on the web. Like AVG. Download a security tool which is popular and which is widely used. There are many fake antivirus also.

    Don't install apps which you don't use:

    Android Apps

    Few times I had seen people just go on Google Play or download apk files from the web and keep on installing new apps in the device. If you are doing this then you must stop. There are many sites which give you free apk downloads. Most of them give you free games which comes for price. So here you to delete those apk files from your phone. Most of them are infected and they are distrusted to spread virus. Most of this apps load with extract ads and additional files. The most popular thing among this is cracked games. Like games which require add-ons, comes full unlocked in cracked one and people download that blindly. So this create a big issue later on.


    Android Updates

    Many apps will ask for a updates. It is recommended that you must allow the same. Many apps comes with new updates that has bug fixes. The same is applicable to your android update also. Whenever you receive a firmware update it. Do not rely on the outdated version. There can be some vulnerability that can cause issue later on. App updates is one of the most common thing on android phone which might eat up your data plan. So keep your update for wifi. When you install the update you get a option for wifi update. I update my device once in a week. There are few apps which I use like Evernote, Norton Antivirus, Es File Explorer, etc. This apps are having regular updates which keep your phone secure and also improve the performance.

    App Permission:

    Android App Permission

    App. Permission is one of the major concern that we ignore. When you install any app you get a popup on your screen with a accept button. Read the message on the same. Many app ask you to provide network access. That means you are allowing them to automatically install updates or extra thing. So here you must check the what permissions the app is asking for. If you find something fishy then you can simply ignore that. This is for advance users. There are some apps available on Google Play which give you option to manage app permission. You can allow and deny permission as per your need at anytime you want. You can try to install App Permission Manager on your device and it will help you to configure the permission as per your need. It is good if you block internet access to all apps.

    Disable Unknown Sources:

    Android Unknown Sources Settings

    This is another common thing that people can do. When you share a apk file or when you download free games you have to enable unknown sources. Disable this. When you enable this you are just installing anything in the device without checking out its permission. So you must simply remove the tick and use a good antivirus that can scan the app and then only install in the phone.

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    Re: How to prevent Virus on Android mobile and tablet

    Things above are quiet helpful. I was not using a antivirus in my mobile phone. Now I had installed one. I am using Norton Security & Antivirus. I am using a free version and after installing the same I got a popup of about 15apps with issue. I removed them all. I hope this antivirus is good enough but to get all feature I have to buy it. I need a more effective antivirus which is free.

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