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Thread: How to configure Parental Control Policy in Western Digital N900 Router

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    How to configure Parental Control Policy in Western Digital N900 Router

    The following article will help you to configure Parental Control Policy and Internet Security. The product used for the process is Western Digital My Net N900. Parental Control Policy allows you to use only the required website. Sometimes it is necessary to avoid children’s from accessing some sites, so in that case you can block those sites on network on Wi-Fi or on LAN.

    Western Digital My Net N900

    Step 1: After installing the router you can see two icons on the desktop.

    WD Router Login: It will take you to router dash board. You can also access that by typing

    WD Internet Security: It takes you to You will have to register the router first. See the below step:

    How to Register Router for WD Internet Security & Parental Control Policy Management.

    A). Double Click on WD Router Login icon from desktop or type in your web browser.

    B). Type the login UserName / Password.

    WD Router Login

    C). Click on Advance Settings

    MyNet N900 Dashboard

    D). Click on Security

    MyNet N900 Advance Settings

    D). Click on Parental Control

    MyNet N900 Parental Control

    F). In that you can find following options: Add the email address and password and click on Register Router.

    MyNet N900 Security Settings

    G). Go to your Email Inbox and check the email sent by There will be a verification link which you have to click and verify the email address. The next time the email id and password will be used to modify the settings of Parental Control Policies.

    H). Once the email is verified then double click on WD Internet Security Icon from the desktop.

    Step 2: WD Internet Security

    After opening WD Internet Security or typing in your web browser you will be redirected to login page.

    Step 3: Add the email id that you had registered and type the password.

    MyNet N900 Policy Management

    MyNet N900 Policy Management Master Settings

    Step 4: Safe/Block: This option allows you to block a series of website and once the settings will be saved the site will not be accessible on your network.

    MyNet N900 Block List

    Step 5: Time Block: This feature allows you to block a website based on time limit. Once the limit is over all block websites will be accessible.

    MyNet N900 Time Block Policy Settings

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    Re: How to configure Parental Control Policy in Western Digital N900 Router

    That is quiet an easy procedure on My Net N900. It offers easy list to block the websites. I thought it will be a hectic process to add this stuff and then unblock the same.

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    Re: How to configure Parental Control Policy in Western Digital N900 Router

    Interested people can check out video tutorial for configuring Parental Control Policy in Western Digital N900 Router here. If anyone has any doubt then they can feel free to ask in this topic itself.

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