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Thread: Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

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    Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

    Everyone today wants the best system to play high graphics game. For that users pay a lot to get the right system. Some invest more in the hardware and some in the software. But you must also know that if you are not having a proper display, then you might get not satisfied with your current investment. Buying a gaming pc or just upgrading the monitor is two different choices. Under the first one you have to decide everything while for the other one you just need to read this article. It does not matte whether you are buying a entire gaming pc or just looking for a monitor, this article is a kind of buying guide which will provide you information on the current gaming monitor models and prices. You can choose the best among them as per your need and budget. Anyhow for gaming pc we always opt to have a good gpu or graphic card. For the synchronization with current high end graphics you must have a widescreen high resolution monitor. People are moving towards 3D very fast. But still in my view 3D might take more time to become common.

    What you can do is go in your nearby shop and search for a widescreen monitor and you can only see those models which the dealer has. The other option you can try is using internet and finding a model which might out of your reach. My motive is to provide you just the information so that you can directly inquire. It is not right to say that there are different types of monitor like gaming monitor, or regular monitor. No there are not. What differs is the technology they carry. Some carry higher resolution while some carry a better contrast ration with high color detailing. Some are energy lover while some are best in look. For gaming I had not seen companies providing some dedicated monitors. If there are they are too costly and not recommended to buy as you are not going to play video games 24x7. I had tried here to give you samples and example of monitors with minor specification information. These monitors are best for gaming as well as for regular purpose and also for multimedia. You can choose the model and budget as per your choice. You can click here to see BEST LCD GAMING MONITOR BUYING GUIDE and BEST LED GAMING MONITOR BUYING GUIDE which will give you more reference on current models and prices.

    Before jumping to the list I want to mention some really important points, which will help you always at the time of purchasing a monitor, either gaming or regular. I had mostly target the benefits of gaming monitor only. Gaming monitors are typical choice of game enthusiast who loves to have a high rig with flash look. There are some aspects which are matter of consideration and should be looked once. First you must know the response time. Every monitor has a quick response time. Now some of you might be wandering what it is. In simple words it is the time which taken by a pixel in monitor to switch from black and then to white and then black again. This are measured in milliseconds. The better the response time the much better video quality you will get. Anyhow new monitor are equipped with good response time or around or below 3ms.

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    Re: Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

    Another important thing which we neglect mostly is the refresh rate. Refresh rate is the period of time which taken by the monitor to collect information from source. It is just like flickering your monitor at a super fast speed which is not noticeable with regular eyes. The higher the refresh rate lower the eyes are affected. Today monitors are equipped with good refresh rate of around 120hz or higher. If you are a hard core gamer and play gaming for hours then this should be on the top of your list. Refresh is important to consider from the point of view of sitting in front of system for longer time. Along with also comes the Contrast Ratio. This is nothing just the brightness and contrast power of a monitor. The higher the contrast the more it is clear but more it affects your eyes if you site more near to it.

    Choosing between a LED monitor and LCD monitor is confusion. There is a price difference among them. If you can figure out what is the actual difference between them, then your decision can become stronger. It is clear from the world that LED is better. But why, because it is clear or because it thinner. The really difference is still not known to many. In a LED monitor you can get back light on the monitor screen. For example in many Smartphone the keypads are equipped with lights on the backside and because of which the text glows in dark. In the same way in LED the entire screen is support by LED lights divided into columns and rows. The benefit of this monitor is less power consumption than LCD and higher contrast ratio. LED monitors have super cool resolutions than LCD. They are thinner and lighter. For gaming LED is must recommended.

    Some renaming points to keep in mind before purchasing a monitor is checking the number of output mode you got. Like a VGA, HDMI or DVD-D. There are some monitors who also come with USB or LAN port which helps you to view directly your multimedia content. This is more economical in my views. 3D is the last choice, but if you want to go with the technology then you can look for those monitor which supports 3D gaming. It is not recommended but as a choice you can keep this as an alternative.

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