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    Build a Proxy Server

    The basic operating principle of a proxy server is simple enough: it is a server mandated by an application to query the Internet instead. Thus, when a user connects to the Internet using a client application configured to use a proxy server, it will connect first to the proxy server and give him his request. The proxy server will then connect to the server that the client application tries to join and submit the application. The server will then give its response to the proxy, which will in turn forward it to the client application. Now, with the use of TCP / IP within the LAN , the relay role proxy server is provided directly by gateways and routers. However, servers proxy are still valid with a number of other features.

    A proxy is therefore an agent, Intermediate. On the Internet, there are different types of proxies. The most common are HTTP proxies. They support the HTTP and FTP. A large number of sites including FreeProxyserver offer the possibility of exceeding the censure simply by entering the address of the site. Unfortunately two major drawbacks to doubt the value of these sites. The speed often daunting and it is generally difficult to see the sites to work properly multimedia content.

    The most effective and most efficient to divert censorship is obviously to create its own proxy server on a machine hosted in another country. Certainly, this last option a few key insiders who surely did not expect that I give them the idea, however, when looking around one can find solutions very simple to implement. The script PHProxy example, allows you to create a proxy web server in 2 seconds without any knowledge of Admin. Network. The primary principle is, simply copy the files to a PHP web server, then access the home page and you have your own web proxy server.

    Anonymous surfing through a proxy server is a good way to hide their tracks surf the web. Is connected in such an anonymous proxy server between your computer and you visit a website, can the operator of the website or service, only the IP address of the proxies are found but not your own. And vice versa can only be comprehended by the way your PC to the proxy server, but not the ultimate goal. How anonymous proxies, as you must set your browser to use, and where to find lists of anonymous proxy servers that you read on this page.

    Proxy can serve multiple purposes.
    • The proxy can protect yourself: it may allow you to connect to the outside and prevent Internet computers come to connect to yours. This protection function is often included in proxy firewalls (fire walls), computers programmed to filter communications between networks (e.g. between the corporate network and internet).
    • The proxy can hide information about your computer: For when you surf, Web sites can all know what site you came from, what browser you use, what is your operating system, your IP address. Some proxy conceal this information. These are known as proxy tools.
    • The proxy can store the wanted pages. So if you ask several times page, the proxy you will immediately without seeking to If you are close to the proxy, it can speed things up. It is then called proxy-cache.

    In normal traffic when you surf so unprotected in the Internet, type in a URL and retrieve data from hence. Your request will be sent directly from your computer to the target computer (server), then received and converted. In general, once you receive this target server on which, for example, is a particular website, returned the requested data to your computer. This tells the other computer where the desired data to back, you automatically forward your request your 'address'. Say, your own IP address. This is stored on the target computer. The operator of the target computer can read in the logs (log files) stored data - and identify where appropriate.

    It is at this point is an (anonymous) proxy into the game. A proxy is a kind of filter that is connected to the data traffic between your computer and the target computer. The proxy will indeed pass your data request, however, is not your IP address. Instead, the target server, only the IP address of the proxy sent by which your identity there is no longer detectable. Prerequisite for successful concealment of your identity is, of course, that the anonymous proxy is really anonymous. If there also logs (log files) are stored, can possibly be closed to your IP and data queries.

    One thing must be mentioned at this point again: Usage must rely on the fact that these proxies are actually anonymous. It is better to check before using it again. In addition, there is no guarantee that the listed proxies are in fact always available and ensure a reasonable speed. Try using a balance with your actual IP address

    Some Benefits of Proxy

    The cache function : Most proxies and provide a cache function i.e. the ability to remember (in cache) the pages most often visited by LAN users so they can be provided as quickly as possible. Indeed, computer science, the term cache refers to a space temporary storage of data (the term "buffer" is also sometimes used).

    A proxy server with the ability to hide information is generally called proxy-cache. This feature is implemented in some proxy servers allows one hand to reduce the use of bandwidth to the Internet as well as reduce the access time to documents for users. However, to carry out this mission, it is necessary that the proxy regularly compares the data it stores in memory cache with the remote data to ensure that cached data are still valid.

    Filtering : On the other hand, by using a proxy, it is possible to monitor the connections through the incorporation of activity logs (logs) in the systematic recording of user requests when their connection requests to the Internet. It is possible to filter connections to the Internet by analyzing a client requests from the other server responses. When the filtering is done by comparing the client request to a list of requests allowed, it is called white list, where it is a list of banned sites talking about blacklist. Finally the analysis of server responses according to a list of criteria (keywords) is called content filtering.

    Authentication : Insofar as the proxy is the indispensable intermediary of internal network users to access external resources, it is sometimes possible to use it to authenticate users, that is to say, ask them to identify using a user name and password for example. It is so easy to give access to external resources only to those authorized to do and can save files in the access logs identified. This type of mechanism when implemented, obviously raises many issues relating to personal freedoms and rights of people.

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    Re: Build a Proxy Server

    The reverse-proxy : Reverse-proxy is a proxy cache server installed upside down, that is to say, a proxy server not allowing users to access the network Internet, but Internet users indirect access to some internal servers. The reverse-proxy serves as a conduit for Internet users wishing to access an internal website indirectly by forwarding requests. With the reverse-proxy, web server is protected from direct attacks from the outside, thereby strengthening the internal network security. On the other hand, the cache function of the reverse-proxy can be used to relieve server load for which it is provided, it is the reason why such a server is sometimes called accelerator (Server Accelerator).
    Finally, thanks to advanced algorithms, reverse-proxy can be used to distribute the load by redirecting requests to different servers equivalents.

    Setting up a proxy server

    First Method

    The most common proxy is undoubtedly Squid , free software available on many platforms including Windows and Linux .
    In Windows there are several software to make a proxy server at a lower cost for its local network:
    • Wingate is the most common (free)
    • configuring a proxy server with Jana becoming increasingly common
    • Windows 2000 includes Microsoft Proxy Server (SPS), supplemented by Microsoft Proxy Client, to perform this operation

    Second Method

    The most famous and most effective is to configure your browser to automatically use a proxy server redirect all requests. Rest assured it is very simple because everything is provided in the options of your browser:
    • If you use Internet Explorer for example, simply go to the Options > Connections tab > Network Settings > tick box Proxy Server to enter the IP address and port of the proxy you wish to use .
    • The only hard part is finding good proxy. Several sites such as PublicProxyServers offer lists regularly updated (in the same spirit, here's a selection .
    • Unfortunately often the servers are no longer valid after a few days or few hours, and we must constantly test new, switch between them to find the fastest, least congested etc.

    Third Method

    Software to detect and automatically between the switcher Proxy Servers
    Tired of spending your time trying all full of Proxy, you worry, software such as Proxy Switcher Lite and ProxyWay are there to facilitate the task by allowing their free versions to test the application with various Proxy. The paid versions offer even go automatically retrieve hundreds of proxies and check them to offer you the fastest. By poking a bit I finally found a free program similar to previous ProxyVampire , admittedly less comprehensive than the pay versions of two others, but all of which have a place to be ready with the same functionality.

    Firefox users themselves, can turn to Foxy Proxy a great extension that lets you toggle on a site visited, and go through the TOR network which will speak a little lower. Or SwitchProxy tool that really does not equal Foxy Proxy side features, but has the merit of being simpler.

    TOR network of virtual tunnels - the ultimate solution

    The Onion Router, or Tor is a decentralized global network of routers, organized into layers, called nodes of onion, whose task is to transmit anonymously TCP packets. Thus, any TCP-based Internet exchange can be done anonymously using Tor. Thousands of individuals around the world use Tor to keep websites from tracking their connections and those of their families, or to connect to news services, instant messaging or other when they are blocked by their providers.

    After answering several tests (including youtube) I can assure you the full functionality of the system. Once the download package, a set of tools is installed to automatically connect to different network nodes, without having to configure anything. In addition, a small extension is added to Firefox to enable or disable the routing network digital , almost instantaneously. Also note that Foxy Proxy is an excellent complement to digital in order to switch automatically to the network that wants to connect to a site censored.

    It has also emerged recently based on new browsers Firefox or Opera and using the TOR network for a surf hidden to users. Thus Torpack and Operator are mobile solutions for anonymous browsing needs no installation and can be used from a USB key.

    Browser settings for proxy server

    At the hardware level, the only thing we need is a wireless adapter for each station that will be able to connect to the Internet. First we create a normal adhoc network, possibly by setting fixed IP addresses like (for example 100.0.0.x, where 'x' is a value that varies for each connected machine), and as always I recommend that you enable WEP, which provides you a minimum of data privacy, that otherwise would travel in the clear.

    To verify that everything works properly carry out a series of ping to all the PC and, in particular, make sure that the ping to the station connected to the Internet (proxy server) is stable and fast. At this point we download FreeProxy and run it as a normal program, you will not be ready to install any required parameter for the network.

    On the Internet there are hundreds of computers which serve as - can be used proxies - anonymous. Often there are universities and public bodies and occasionally private individuals who want to help surfers to more anonymity. Pages with such anonymous proxy servers, see below. To use this offer, it is sufficient in the browser's IP address and enter the appropriate port of the proxy.

    Please note that you cannot usually check whether and what data is stored with the operator of such an anonymous proxy server about you.

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    Re: Build a Proxy Server

    In Internet Explorer, set the proxy server as follows:
    • Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab > Settings > Proxy Server
    • Enter the default IP address and the appropriate port and press OK.
    • In Internet Explorer 7, you make the connection with:
    • Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings. Then set the Use proxy server for your LAN check the option and enter the appropriate data.

    In Mozilla Firefox, set the proxy server as follows:
    • Tools > Settings > Network > Settings
    • Enter here to HTTP Proxy, the IP address of the proxy and the port. Both will be displayed in the rules to the proxy lists. Do not forget to delete it after the use of anonymous proxies to the settings. Even, if the proxy server is no longer active or available, will only cause you not to view the web.

    Manual Setup
    • Open Firefox
    • from the top menu open Tools and select Options
    • Options, click the Advanced menu and select the tab here Network
    • in the Connection pane, click Settings (at the line determines how Firefox connects to the Internet)
    • Click on Manual Proxy Configuration
    • type in the HTTP Proxy:
    • in Port type: 3128
    • Click on OK

    Close and reopen the browser and windows will popout asking for user name and password.

    Google App Engine account
    • Go to the page of Google App Engine account and access it using Google:
    • Click on Create an Application, it is the first time using this service you must enter the mobile number to receive the authentication code via SMS. Immediately you will receive, and then insert it into the field. Click Send, so we can proceed to create a new application.
    • We choose a sub domain name of our hosting the proxy server, check availability, the sub domain is the App ID that identifies the application proxy, we accept the terms of service and save. This will open a page that indicates the registration successfully.
    • Now we must create the proxy, go to , download and install MSI Installer 2.6.4.
    • Go to , Google App Engine SDK for download and install Python
    • Download this small zip file and extract all the content where we want. It contains the HTML that we can then customize the graphics and the Python proxy.

    Launch the Google App Engine Launcher application of the previous step, go to Edit > Preferences, enter the path as in the image:
    • a-C: \ Python \ python.exe
    • b-C: \ Program Files \ Google \ google_appengine
    • c-C: \ Windows \ notepad.exe
    • d-blank
    • Give OK then, from the main application now choose File-> Add Existing Application and choose as a path to the folder where we extracted the zip file.
    • Now we have to change YOUR_APP_ID with your ID, the sub domain in step 3, to do so click on the Edit button > Application Settings.
    • Now click on Deploy, the proxy should be ready for use.

    You can customize the proxy by changing the appearance through the main.html file of the zip file to point 6. The application is for public use, but you can do so only registered users with Google accounts can use it. The proxy works with flash videos like YouTube and the like. And maybe you should if you want to use in places such as schools or work where it is denied access to certain sites not to include words that can be banned proxy type or the like. Does not work on sites that require registration


    If you use proxy server, you have already done stuff for your anonymity on the Internet. But: This is not enough. Namely, they can still be identified by third parties. The reason is that in addition to the IP address are other ways to learn more about you while surfing. To disguise your real identity on the Internet is :
    • the right Dealing with cookies
    • protection against Spy programs (spyware)
    • a Secure your computer
    • Notice in social networks and communities
    • Protect your WLAN

    Disadvantages of a Proxy Server
    • Privacy- Because you get all your pages to the proxy, it can know every site you visited.
    • Password - Some Web sites require passwords. As you go through the proxy, the proxy will know your passwords (unless you use HTTPS / SSL).
    • Changes - The proxy provides the pages, but it is also possible that the changes on the fly before you give them (this is rare, but possible).
    • Censorship - Some proxies can be configured to censor websites.

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