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Thread: Connect Mac with S60 series

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    Connect Mac with S60 series

    Introduction :

    For the occasion, I was yesterday looking through the Control Panel of my MACs, as I did with the Macbook Pro in OS X can go online at the best, if no WLAN is available for. Actually, I thought that it would probably be best if I would treat me as a UMTS USB stick to be able to go with an extra SIM card online via UMTS. But it turned out that it all goes much easier.

    Online data packet :

    I am equipped with an E-Plus Time & More 50 contract and a 250 MB volume package. I have already noted that many other providers, it may not be allowed to use or various Messenger on the phone itself, which not only use port 80. The whole I'm writing just to let ye informed in advance, which would you do with your data package everything. My functioning is therefore the constellation that my Macbook Pro via Bluetooth with the N85 via UMTS / GPRS depending on availability) goes online.

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    Re: Connect Mac with S60 series


    Click on either the Mac on the menu bar or click the Bluetooth icon in Control Panel, Bluetooth. There, then select "Configure Bluetooth device."

    Then Continue to the next window and select "mobile phone".

    Then select the desired phone and click "Continue":

    Now collect the MAC information, what services are available on the phone (also confirm again the "Continue" Who would have thought.

    A check in front of "access to the Internet via the phone's data connection" and confirm with "Continue":

    Now it goes to the configuration. I have unfortunately only data for E-plus - would anyone have any other provider data it you can send in comments and I post here then paste the report to:

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    Re: Connect Mac with S60 series

    Configuring E-Plus:

    Username: eplus
    Password: gprs
    APN: (your service provider)

    CID: Is the order in which the point is with you in the Internet phone in the access points. When I was here from the house, only a select. This could be because the N85 the "hierarchy" of access points to the popularity of group by. So my N85 tries in normal operation until the 2-3 W-Lans to use the list and if not available, I take E-Plus Internet (GPRS / UMTS). This was in the earlier S60 devices do not. There were simple:

    Item1: E-Plus Internet
    Item2: E-Plus GPRS
    Item3: E-Plus MMS

    I would have to select in the above configuration, therefore the first As previously mentioned, but this was changed and I can only select one (it certainly works beautifully in this way).

    Configuration O2:

    All fields blank and choose as a CID also.

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    Re: Connect Mac with S60 series

    Continue with the institution:

    I then set still in the configuration at the bottom two options ticked. So I always see when going online to the Mac in the menu bar "connecting" or "disconnect" or the time as long as I'm already online. The "Continue" and subsequent "Finish" to continue. Now you open the "System Preferences" and then "Network" and select your Bluetooth settings. There, you give then the * 99 # as phone number and you made it:

    That's it. After clicking Apply, you can now in the same menu on "Connect" your GPRS / UMTS connection start. Did you like i can set a hook for presenting the menu bar, you connect simply there by simple clicking on "With Bluetooth produce" an online connection.

    Have the test in your home Wi-Fi you should have a wireless device for it, on Airport off course you can do it. Otherwise you got a modem error.

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