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Thread: How to use Rupee Symbol of India in Computers

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    How to use Rupee Symbol of India in Computers

    Rupee Symbol of India in Computers

    A Brief History :
    In the past few years not only the Indian economy is touching new dimensions in the global market but the Indian currency rupee (Rs) of the value has increased. Therefore, the Indian economy growing influence in the global arena, inspired by the Indian Finance Ministry, an international Indian currency rupee (unique identity within privilege) decided to standards. Earlier, the international standard only dollar, euro, pound, sterling and yen currency was achieved.

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    Re: How to use Rupee Symbol of India in Computers

    Symbol be changed to standard :
    The primary objective of changing the Indian currency symbol standard internationally to the Indian rupee is the new identity is the globalization of Indian economy at present. Also present in the neighboring countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka rupee currency standard is also standard so if we choose a new standard, it will be unique. Under international standards to the Indian Finance Ministry announced a design competition entry was one year ago under which the winner was announced to be given 250,000 rupees.

    Criteria for Symbol :
    - Symbol should be applied to the standard keyboard.
    - National language script or standard symbols should be representative of her scenes.
    - Standard country's historical and cultural ethos of the symbol as representative should be widely acceptable across the country

    A year later the five-member panel selected the five standards of IIT Bombay graduate who chose the design of D Uday Kumar also have received Cabinet approval. Designed by D Uday Kumar on the left in standard 'Devanagari Ra' and the Roman capital letter (R) is a mix of the Finance Minister imagination is very close. As he wanted an exchange standard that "reflects Indian culture and ethos.

    D Uday Kumar's concept :
    According to Kumar, the concept was designed by their standard Indian "Tricolor" and "arithmetical equality" is based on. The new standard white space between two horizontal lines gives the impression of the Ashoka Chakra at the flag. Line two parallel bold indicate the similarity of the Indian economy and the international economy.

    Rupee Symbol on Computers :
    Many vendors are also undecided whether they will offer the new symbol on keyboards and keypads, or as additions in software to the character set supported by their devices. Nokia, for example, welcomed the move by the Indian government to have a symbol for the rupee, and said it would abide by the rules and regulations in this regard. However, a company spokeswoman said it's too early to comment on how the symbol will be implemented, whether on the phone keypad or on the character list. For computers, mobile phones and other computing devices to understand the symbol, it has to be first encoded, lead product manager for Windows and Windows Live, at Microsoft India. The new symbol has to be submitted by the Indian government to the Unicode Consortium to be encoded and allotted a code point in the Unicode Standard. The Unicode Standard is a character coding system designed to support the worldwide interchange, processing, and display of written texts of diverse languages and technical disciplines.

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    Re: How to use Rupee Symbol of India in Computers

    How to use :
    Now that the Indian Rupees symbol is been finalized, India is looking to use it on the computers. But the government of India has claimed that this will not be possible for now as it takes an year to make a symbol available world wide. This means that you can not have the symbol on the keyboard for now but fortunately you can type it in your computer. A company named Foradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd. recently created a character called the Rupee Foradian, this will allow you to type the symbol from you computer which in-dead is the symbol of India Rupee.

    So, still now you must be eager to use the India Rupee symbol on your computer, for this you will need to download the India Rupee font from here.

    Installing the font:
    -> Navigate to the control panel
    -> Open the fonts folder
    -> Paste the font that you had copied
    -> This will finish the installation

    Now to use it you will need to press the key " ` " which is located just above the TAB key on your keyboard. That is by pressing this key you will now see the new Indian Rupee symbol in your document.

    Here is the image which will make things clear

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    Use Rupee Symbol on Windows :
    You can use it in Microsoft Office
    -> Download the font as explained above
    -> Install the font, even this is explained above
    -> You will need to change the default font in your word to rupees Foradian, which is normally "Times New Roman"
    -> Now just type this key " ` " which is just above the TAB key you will find the rupee symbol in your word editor.

    If you are using MS Office 2003
    -> first select the symbol (you have already done this above )
    -> Click on Tools -> Autocorrect
    -> Type in Rs in the replace text box
    -> Click on Add button
    -> Done

    If you are using MS Office 2008/2010
    -> You will need to add a text entry which is formatted
    -> Then select the document that is formatted and which contains the rupee symbol
    -> On the Microsoft Office Button, click word option
    -> Then move to Proofing
    -> Click AutoCorrect Option
    -> Replace the text with which you have selected previously
    -> Click on Add button
    -> Done

    Use Rupee Symbol on Mac OS X :
    -> Download the font as it is explained above
    -> Now you will need to open the Font Book on Mac OS X

    -> Click on the fonts option

    -> Just select the rupees foradian font

    -> Finally, you have to press the key (tilde) which is just above the TAB key.

    Use Rupee Symbol on Linux :
    If you are a linux user then you need to copy the downloaded font file to
    Just log-off and then again log-in, you can see the font available every very.

    Steps to include new rupee font in Debian:
    -> First download the font as it is explained above
    -> You should be a root user, so login as root or you can alternative use "su" (just copy paste the commands below)
    mkdir /usr/share/fonts/ttf
    cp Rupee_Foradian.ttf /usr/share/fonts/ttf
    apt-get install ttmkfdir
    cd /usr/share/fonts/ttf
    ttmkfdir  > fonts.scale
    cd /usr/share/fonts/ttf/
    chmod 644 /usr/share/fonts/ttf/Rupee_Foradian.ttf
    -> Finally you will need restart your machine or just log-off the gdm and log-in again.

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