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Thread: Flash Video Compression with H.264

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    Flash Video Compression with H.264

    Flash Video Compression with H.264

    Introduction :
    Since the version 9.3 supports playback of Adobe Flash Player from the H.264 video. H.264 is ideal for video quality at low bit rate into the net to put in the highest. We want this small workshop show how free and open source software with converting videos to H.264 and Progressive Download from its own Web server ready. Progressive Download The advantage to work with any Web server (as opposed to streaming Videos that require their own server) and means that playing the video already, after a first part of the data is transmitted and not waiting until the entire video is downloaded - that make most sense for large videos.

    A Step Ahead :
    The programs we will use to the open source video editor / converter Avidemux and a small tool called QTIndexSwapper - and as in the Web page embedded Flash video player to (for non-commercial purposes) free JW FLV Media Payer. Adobe Flash offers itself as a playback format / player because of all the players (such as Microsoft Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Video), the most widely used - has almost any computer which moves in the network has Flash installed and can (if, on the latest version is updated) will thus play H.264 videos. However, requires a certain amount of processing power. A beautiful example of this Adobe's Flash HD Gallery. To present his video on the web, it naturally also set at an online video service like YouTube or Vimeo - but on your side / on your own server you have the best control over the video: it can, for example, only a selected Circle of visitors make accessible, can optimize the video quality, or may also offer visitors to download the highest quality.

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    Re: Flash Video Compression with H.264

    Conversion with Avidemux :

    Avidemux handles a variety of input formats and converts them to H.264 in order. A nice option is the possibility of different files concatenate using "Append" in order to compress a video. And to do a variety of lengthy Encoding jobs at once, without being able to loose sensitiveness practical batch encoding is used: via "Add to JobList" encoding task, a list of jobs to be added and be processed by "Show JobList / Run all "can these be started.

    The Encoding is as follows:
    Video: MPEG-4 (x264)
    Audio: AAC
    Format: MP4

    Bitrate :
    Per "Configure" to get into the menu where the audio or video bit rate is set. The higher the bit rate, the larger the resulting video (and it needs more space and more bandwidth), but the better the image quality. The larger the original video and see more movements, sections and details in the video, the greater should be the bit rate for the compressed video. It should therefore be selected depending on the source material one wishes to work quite perfectly, and the bit rate as low as possible, you can try out several encoding runs just where the ideal compromise is to allow the bit rate is minimal, the picture quality but still as close to the original.

    Under "Configure / bit rate" you can adjust the bit rate and encoding mode:
    Bitrate / Encoding Mode: Two-Pass

    Average Bitrate:
    Indicative of the average bit rate for very good image quality (but still strongly dependent on the material) - no audio:
    Resolution: 480x360 Pixels: 400kbps - corresponds 3MB/Minute
    Resolution: 720x576 Pixels: 700kbps - equivalent to 5.2 MB / minute

    Here is a great example of a very good-looking 720p (1280x720x25fps) video at 500 kbit / s: 720p demo. This is possible because the video has a few movements (which occur pans compress well) and the author of the various settings of H.264 compression has very optimized for the material.

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    Re: Flash Video Compression with H.264

    Video / Filter :
    By "filter" can still be activated filter, do the important operations against the Compact.

    Deinterlace :
    If the output video interlaced, so taken with half-images, we recommend using deinterlace filter (eg yadif deinterlacing filter to find, meanwhile tab "interlacing") converted into full frame - otherwise it comes to ugly comb-effects on movement in the resulting clip which is indeed always played in full screen mode on a PC monitor. The interlace filters should be the first filter that is applied if several are active.

    The video size - Resize :
    Perhaps, depending on the size of the starting material and the desired size of the Web videos, a resize filter requires the video to the desired size scales the. If the video for the web are small scaled smaller, are integral breaks / conditions, such as size of the original video or 1/2x 2/3x better example to scale as the most crooked. Thus, a HDV are well on video with 1440x1080 halved 720x520 pixels. As the original videos aspect ratio should be registered with newer high-definition videos generally 16:9 - then the same applies to source (source) and destination (target). The Flash Player supports HD but also in the formats 480p, 720p and 1080p - So that the playing time lag and are good looking, it does, however, a high bit rate and therefore fast Internet connection of the user ahead of time - and you should first check what transfer limits of your own web server has - if the video was a great success (and if the video length or HD is) is, the power transfer easily become very large - maybe you have to pay for the resulting traffic from a certain limit, depending on the contract with the provider of the server / web space. Note the choice of the size of the target videos are also the system requirements for playing HD Adobe Flash on Windows called Videos: When 480p is at least a Pentium 4 (2.33 GHz) is required, 720p a Pentium 4 (3Ghz) for and 1080p at least a Core Duo (1.8GHz). However, a well-encoded video in SD Norma Resolution (720x576) looks in full screen mode still quite good.

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    Re: Flash Video Compression with H.264

    Color correction and other filters :
    If you have no color correction program made in, you can here the appropriate filter under the "Colors" Make it up with: There are various tools to color correction, Which usually also have a preview mode that can be used to assess the final result. If necessary, also other practical filters such as used to reduce image noise or audio-gain filter - the video can be curtailed also by "Crop". The effect of the filter is otherwise very nice side-by-side are viewed with the original: just above the drop-down menu instead of "input" "Side" then appears in addition to the video input Video on application of the filters.

    And ready :
    With Save the video file is converted. Important - the new name must be entered with the appropriate ending - it is not automatically added by Avidemux - in our case "Video.mp4". The Flash player plays H.264 videos detects the file contents and play them from then on - the file extension for this is not important - the file can just as well with FLV or the proper official codes as F4V, MP4, M4A, MOV, mp4v, 3GP or 3G2 end.

    Cut :
    Avidemux untruest also the simple cut of the video, this is set by A / B a start and end point and the desired material as marked and coded.

    The video for the Progressive Download prepare :
    Need now is the tool QTIndexSwapper - which in turn requires Adobe's AIR runtime environment ahead as: Download. QTIndexSwapper leads a small, but for Progressive Download decisive operation of: it is usually the end of the H.264 video lying Video index at the beginning, allowing that the video can be played during the download.

    Here you can choose the appropriate file - it is then converted with the addition of "_qtp" provided stored again. For clarity, the old file is deleted and the "_qtp" is renamed in his name

    The Flash video embedded in the website :
    To JW FLV Media Payer there are also many alternative players such as the FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player. A Flash video player is the quasi-programmed in Flash InterfaceThat a player interfaces with play buttons accessible. To the resulting video is now on its own website below, the Flash Video Player must be uploaded to the site - he then offers the player controls and other features such as full screen or auto start - similar to the YouTube player. For non-commercial use of JWF Player is free. With a code snippet like the following along with the video player is embedded in a website - the simplicity, all files are on our side in a directory:

    <p id='fvideo' class="media"> clip </ p> 
    <script type='text/javascript' src='swfobject.js'> </ script> 
    <script type='text/javascript'> 
    var s1 = new SWFObject ('player.swf', 'ply', '720 ', '576', '9 ',' # ffffff '); 
    s1.addParam ('allowfullscreen "," true "); 
    s1.addParam ('autostart', 'true'); 
    s1.addParam ('flashvars', 'file = Video.mp4'); 
    s1.write ('fvideo'); 
    </ Script>
    - Video.mp4 is the name of each clip (possibly supplemented with a different directory path when he, as a separate clip directory should be one in)

    - player.swf and swfobject.js are the components of the JW FLV Player - adjust the path as if the two files for the record in its own directory should be.

    - '720 'And '576' denote the size of the video - here, the top (scaled) size of the encoded MP4 files are registered

    - '9 ' defines the version of the Flash player is required to play - in our case it must be the version 9, because only supports you playing H.264 videos

    - '# Ffffff' Background color is defined as the hex value (known from HTML) of the player, in such case, white

    - allowfullscreen ',' true ' - this parameter to specify whether the users have the option to full screen by click the video icon to play the full screen.

    - 'Autostart' 'true' equates to easier that the video is played back with the page loads instantly - 'false' means each of which the option is always turned off.

    - A detailed list of the parameters of the JW FLV player (which apply generally to other players, because they appeal to just functions of Flash) is found here - for example, it can still be determined, the colors of the player or whether the video is to be looped.

    - The text between the tags will be replaced by <p> the video and only displayed, if it loads. The value of id - must be fvideo unique and may occur on the page a second time in this case.

    - Will you provide the video (or even larger version of it) for download, we just by
    <a href="Video.mp4"> Download </ a>
    and the instruction to the user via right click the video "Save Target As to save" on your own computer

    Time for the test: the HTML page with embedded code, video, and (if not already done) to upload the player and then head out via the browser - the video should be (assuming a DSL connection) to play after a short pre-loading and loading while further (to look at the darker bars in the scrubber bar to the right onto continuously moving towards the end). Anyone who wants to can create with the JW FLV player and a play list from which the user then choose to play the video you want and can.

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