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Thread: Supreme Commander 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

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    Supreme Commander 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

    Supreme Commander 2 was unveiled at E3 in Los Angeles. Since that time, SC2 has been amassing a number of major awards, including the most recent, Game Critic's award for best Strategy game of E3! Accompanied by a new unpublished images that prove that it will take on even more ferocious confrontation than the first opus. The legendary father of Total Annihilation was able to thrill all fans of strategy games by releasing the world a new title called Supreme Commander. STR futuristic shoulders particularly strong, SupCom has the particularity to confront hundreds of mechanized units in theaters of operation absolutely gigantic. And today, Chris Taylor and GPG are preparing to give birth to a sequel. A result that we finally had the joy to discover.

    Based on this observation economic development teams have not hesitated to review thoroughly the mechanisms of play, including gathering resources, which will now be similar to the classic RTS. Action by Supreme Commander 2 takes place 25 years after the events of the original. The three factions are the basic course of return to play tricks. So welcome as it is the United Earth Federation (FTU), the Cybran and illuminated Aeons.

    Their history will also be told through beautiful cut scenes that follow all the adventures of a specific character. A war and three different fates, is what will seek to highlight the title. But stop now to dally, your interests, obviously, takes place on the ground itself. And that way, as you say at once that SupCom 2 looks set to secure.

    First is the technical aspect of the game that impresses. Significantly finer and detailed than the first component, the title is also much less austere. One of the first real fighting we have seen has actually given birth to a beautiful fireworks, a whirlwind of explosions and twirling units. As such, Chris Taylor has clearly wished to leave his game speak for itself rather than drown assistance under thrashing details.

    Therefore in the disorder that we could get some information. We learned that the Commander of the player could now be greatly improved via the sympathetic upgrades. In an emergency, you can also order your giant robot to play the tortoise to roll into a ball and so reduce the damage that it inflicts the enemy. At some point, it is even possible to fly the head of the Order and build him a new body in another corner of the map.

    Another interesting feature is the possibility for the player to produce prototype units. It is usually heavily armed giants but very slow to develop. The subtlety comes from the fact that you can choose to stop the construction before it reaches its end. You'll then be able to send the unit in combat, but nothing says that it does not explode within minutes, even in 30 seconds.

    In another development, the developers seem to have totally redesigned the technology tree of 3 factions. Unlike the first phase will not occur again to abandon the basic units after obtaining new technologies. In fact, it is more a question of improving the existing units by adding a missile for example. You should be able to have greater flexibility than in the first game.

    You do not have a limit of mass and energy as was the case in the first game Consequently it is never a bad idea to have an engineer to collect resources. You're no longer penalized for these things - there is nothing wrong with having things in excess. The other important thing is to reduce the number of units over 300 in the first game to about 120 in it. This allows the player to know by heart the units and then delve into the intricacies of the complex technology tree.

    The technology tree is now the system where you accumulate points you can distribute yourself - Accentuate the life of a unit ranged attack or a mobile artillery unit demolition .. You get these points by causing damage to your opponent or by building research stations. You can improve structures on land, air and naval and combat clothing.

    There are probably 170 in total, around 60 per camp. In the first mission, you will build five in the second 10, but we give you the top five. In the third there will be 20, but we give 12. These improvements are low-end you need to find a couple of times, we just give those for the future because we want you to focus on new and you learn to know all the toys your sandbox . Therefore, when you have finished playing three chapters, you know on your fingertips all the units and upgrades for each faction. You shall have all made, which I think is better than the old system. I think it's Blizzard who was the first to do this; community STR feed heavily on ideas from each other.

    Cheats :

    With some manipulation, you can completely let you off with some cheats that allow new strategies! If so, frankly. First, do a search on your computer. Find the file game.prefs. Yes, this is not the usual procedure. This file is not in the installation folder. In addition, it is in folders "clumsy". What a clumsy file? This is a place that changes as the user name, depending on the operating system. Normally, there is only one file with that name. Open it with a simple text editor such as Notepad.The goal is to place these two lines there:-

    debug = (

    enable_debug_facilities = true)
    You can possibly make a small copy of the file, for security reasons.

    Start a game and during the game, press the following keystrokes:

    ALT + N: your units become invincible. Actually, no. All units are invincible, even those enemies.

    CTRL + ALT + B: 10,000 mass and energy (yes, it is also stored even if you do not have suitable buildings)

    Alt + T: The unit is selected teleports to the place which is under the mouse.

    Ctrl + K: Destroy Unity

    Alt + F2: Opens a menu that allows to construct any building or unit (menu a bit complicated)

    Ctrl + Shift + C: Cloning. Copying a unit for the paste

    Ctrl + Shift + V: Cloning. Paste a unit that has been copied. Yes, this may be the Commander. And if one of them dies, this does not mean Game Over, but a big hole on the map. I do not do a drawing on the different strategies that terrorists can cause: Order cloning, teleportation in the enemy camp, exploded in the enemy camp.

    Be careful not to abuse it though. You can now use any of the above cheat codes in Campaign Mode. These cheat codes are really effective and they could seriously ruin the game experience a use as a last resort or if you want to unwind. If it does not work, you may have to delete your old savegame and character, the savegames folder and your original game.prefs file (always make a backup!). Then Start The Game, create a new profile, DO NOT PLAY, exit The Game and follow the same instructions. You may need to start a new mission / level for cheats to work.

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    Re: Supreme Commander 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

    where i can find this game?

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    Re: Supreme Commander 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

    Quote Originally Posted by gitarthadas View Post
    where i can find this game?
    Where do you live? If you live in US then you can get Supreme Commander 2 game from either Amazon or Ign or Gamestore shops. If you live in India then you can get it from ebay india, indiatimesshopping, futurebazaar and many more online shops, just search it on google.

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