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Thread: Customizing Windows XP with nLite

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    Customizing Windows XP with nLite

    1) First, copy the entire contents of your copy of Windowsxp a local folder of your choice and rename it as you want.

    2) Install DotNetFramework 2.0 in the order to run nLite. Use UltraISO or Nero, depending on your choice, there are other 1000 software for an ISO burning or changing ISO contents without loosing the booatble capabilty... I recommend UltraISO.

    3) Start nLite selecting the English as the default language. The first screen you will see nothing, click on next and the screen will be filled with configuration files. These are nothing but files containing all the values you changed. You will need these later as its very useful if you want to take back for future changes in settings.

    4) Well, Open nLite and point it where we have our copy of WindowsXP saved. Select via the Browse button, the exact path of the folder created in step 1 so as to understand where nLite to reside all the files on Windows the program will check the i386 folder

    5) We have reached the heart of the program, according to the screen where you may need to select all or most of the possible items for a perfect modding. Each has a specific and precise task and nLite will perform these operations following an order from top to bottom.

    6) In the first screen you can integrate the latest service pack. Simply, once downloaded the package, select the entry in nLite and add it using the Browse button.
    Note 1: It is highly recommended that INTEGRATE SP3!
    Note 2: If you integrating SP3 do not integrate any other previous packs, as SP3 has every patch within it.

    7) The next option allows the easy integration of all hotfixes (critical and otherwise) issued by Microsoft. Even here you can simply click on the Browse button to move to the folder where they reside all hotfixes and then add them saved through nLite.

    You can also integrate programs and Patches which are in CAB format!

    Tips For Integrating Updates and Hotfix

    A) A preferred method and sure method to have all the hotfixes needed is to install Winxp, do a scan with Windows Update and, once the pop-up list of hotfixes to download, copy all the names of files downloaded in a folder and only then consolidate them with nLite.

    Latest DirectX Update

    Last update August 09


    With nLite, you can also incorporate self-extracting programs, programs added by users in a completely unattended installation disc. These programs will have .cab extensions most of the time. You can start by creating self-extracting archives with WinRAR and then select the archive as a cabinet file. This is for those who want to use the classic method of Nlite.

    Other Tips

    Tip 1
    Integrate packages like dotnetframework, Windows installer,etc with Windows [Updated]

    Tip 2
    Integrate Programs that you use commonly like winrar, office, firefox, etc depending on which one you use regularly.

    Some programs can be difficult to install or customize in silent mode, so be careful with them.

    Integrate these software : [Optional]

    * Acrobat reader

    * Antivirus Software

    * ADOBE - Shockwave and Flash player

    * Windows Media Player 11


    Another good method of integration programs is called RunOnceEx. The method is very easy to follow and integrate, and unlike the cab, allowing for updates on programs simply replace the exe with the updates without having to recreate the entire ISO as with the cab. A point against instead is that the method is not totally silent but it masks dos until the end of the installation of programs. This method is used by OEM Manufacturers.

    Integrating Driver

    8) On the next screen of nLite, you can integrate any type of driver. Just go through the usual browse button to find the inf file on your disc or insert entire folders with all your drivers and you're done, the rest will be taken care by nLite.

    9) Following step shows the possibility of eliminating all you want, or what is unnecessary for the purpose of your copy of Windows. But be careful what you remove, you will risk in some cases be unable to complete the OS installation or malfunction found over time such as inability to run certain applications.
    Note : Do not delete the items highlighted by the red color, are vital to the OS which nLite suggest not to uninstall.

    10) In Pre-installation information, nLite can reduce the interaction or even completely eliminate it during installation of the OS. This can be achieved by moving to the next screen, there you can set various parameters such as: Product Key which will be automatically typed, disable firewall, set the network settings automatically etc. When you set the unattended options winnt.sif, a very important file is created in which all the changes that you have set are saved.

    11) Additional and important options found in the next screen where you can set the priority of services that the OS loads at startup. You can tweak this according to your needs

    12) Now you have reached the last screen, where nLite will allow you to automate certain settings of your operating system. You can delete some of them which you feel are not necessary such as sounds, icons from your desktop, toolbar and so on, choose according to your needs...

    13) Here we go, just select if you want to burn the image or save the ISO of the new tweaked OS, at this point i recommend you save an ISO too if you just plan to burn the image.

    14) Save the image, Burn it to the Disc and Have Fun...

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    Re: Customizing Windows XP with nLite

    I'm fascinated by your tremendous tutorial. I definitely would like to try it. If I'm building a fresh computer through a blank hard disk and install XP in the company of Service Pack 2 to begin, how be supposed to I proceed? Of course, I have a PC that presently used. How do I organize the ISO nLite on the present computer and after that burn the ISO to a CD and then utilize the CD to install on my new PC? Please share your knowledge with me thank you.

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    Re: Customizing Windows XP with nLite

    Is it possible to make it into a live disc? so that i acn run it on any pc without actually installing it?

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    Re: Customizing Windows XP with nLite

    Quote Originally Posted by varunshenoy View Post
    Is it possible to make it into a live disc? so that i acn run it on any pc without actually installing it?
    Yes it is easy to make windows xp live cd within few minutes, just download the pebuilder3110a1.exe file and its plugins: by searching it from google and install it in your pc. After the follow the steps given in similar kind of threads here - BartPE: Live Windows XP SP2 CD
    How to make a windows live CD?
    Create Windows XP Live Bootable Flash Drive

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