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Thread: How to Delete a Google or Gmail Account

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    How to Delete a Google or Gmail Account

    After finding out more about How to delete Gmail or Google Account on internet I found that it is required anytime while playing with your Gmail or Google account,this is because it is quite tricky and many people unaware of this so they keep their account unused and hence sometime it may leads to threat as some hackers may misuse your account details if you found as their victim so here i have decide to provide a little guide about how to achieve this and also wanted to share my knowledge with all of you.

    To Delete the Gmail or Google account requires only few and easy steps:

    1. First you must be logged in, and for that you need to login to Google pages like and look for the link at the top right corner of the page that shows you who you are logged in as:

      You need to login to your accounts to go forward.
    2. Click on the "Settings" button found near the top of any page of your Gmail account.
    3. You would be able to see the number of tabs in your settings and choose the "Accounts" tab just next to the General Tab. Click on this tab.There you would see the number of choices. you need to select "Google Account Settings" which is fourth on the list of choices.

    4. As you click on the "Google Account Settings". New window opens and on the left-hand side it will displayed as "Personal Information" and the right-hand side will say "My Services." Next to "My Services," is an "Edit" button, and this is the button to click on now.

    5. You will be provided with Two main options
      • "Delete a Service" and
      • "Close Account"

      Here you may select to delete Gmail, choose "Delete Gmail Service." Answer the questions on the next page and delete your Gmail account.

    6. Here you need to be very careful about which all accounts you want to delete, you will able to see the list of related accounts, you just need to tick mark the account you will to delete, Once you are confirm with your requirements select Delete account.

    7. The following Account deleting message will be displayed as the confirmation, and your Gmail or Google Account would be successfully deleted.

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    Re: How to Delete a Google or Gmail Account

    It was very kind of you to spend so much of time in making this thread and guiding many of us with the procedure to permanently delete Google account. The best part about your thread pas the pictorial representation. It helped me to understand the procedure in much better way. Thanks for making such a complex thing look so simple. You seriously came as a life saver for me. Once again Thank you a lot for your generosity and for your efforts and time.

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    Re: How to Delete a Google or Gmail Account

    If you will delete an Gmail account is there a way that it can be retrieved?

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    Re: How to Delete a Google or Gmail Account

    Quote Originally Posted by stevenace View Post
    If you will delete an Gmail account is there a way that it can be retrieved?
    Yes you can but there are some condition you should understand first. Here Gmail and Google account can be considered 2 different parts. However, your gmail user name is your google user name. but if you have just deleted your only Gmail Account and not Entire Google Account than only you can recover your Gmail Back. But if you have deleted your entire Google Account (including orkut, youtube, etc..), than there is no way to recover that account again any how.

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