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    Download Best Firefox 3 Extensions

    You are more likely to have adopted over the years the flagship browser and unavoidable of the Mozilla Foundation. One of the main forces of the Mozilla Firefox browser are multiple extensions free and effective offsetting some functions sometimes absent, but to customize at will. So whether you are a student, developer, journalist, parent, job search or user, it is possible to combine the best add-ons to have a browser ideal for our needs. However, it is not always easy to navigate through the impressive library available from the publisher. Since you can not install them all and test them thoroughly, we decided to simplify your life.

    On your favorite software, drafting we offer regular reports tailored and detailed various plug-in to the most valuable optional. That is why we have chosen to offer through this article to discover a selection of the twenty best Firefox extensions, unavoidable and indispensable. Walking through the four themes discussed allowing improved interface, multimedia tools, extensions practical for daily life and research, and utilities effective, you should probably find your happiness. We have deliberately taken from you only extensions easy to use, convenient and especially adapted to individual needs. So do not wait and let your choice of the top Clubic best extensions for Firefox 3!

    Improved interface

    Among the many extensions for the Firefox browser, some only operate on a purely aesthetic. Far from being irrelevant, they can prove essential in contributing to your comfort of use and navigation. In this context we chose these six plug-ins that allow you to manage a large number of tabs, you save many clicks during your search, navigate by using mouse shortcuts, reorganize your Marks page, correct the presentation of the search bar and awesome provide air Chrome your favorite browser.

    Ctrl-Tab will let you manage a large number of open tabs on multiple windows without rush your habits. By installing this extension, the traditional shortcuts Ctrl + Tab and Shift + Ctrl + Tab remain valid. Now operating in the interface appear transparent, giving you a quick overview pages and at the same time improves your comfort. Do not stop in the road, you get more of a feature recalling the statement on Mac. Simply press the F4 key to view a preview of all your tabs on the same interface - tested for thirty bookmarks. Little more undeniable, a filter will allow a keyword search to find your little easier. This excellent extension that will be integrated by default on Firefox is to discover them!

    Download Ctrl-Tab

    Cooliris Previews
    By the same publisher that the excellent PicLens, cooliris Previews aims to facilitate your search on the web and save you a few clicks unnecessary displaying an overview of the page, image or video being behind a link. This small add-on is a baby. You will need to move your mouse cursor on the blue square next to the link to see a preview. In addition, a toolbar integrated in this small window you can either open the page in a new tab or send it by mail. Perfectly compatible with many sites and available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on Mac, this pearl is to try it!

    Download Cooliris Previews

    Optimizing Internet browsing can go either through the use of keyboard shortcuts, either by buying a mouse incorporating some additional buttons including allowing the return to the previous page, closing a tab or refreshment of a page. If you do not want to buy a mouse or keyboard shortcuts are not your strong, the add-FireGestures to surf the web using mouse shortcuts you may have to be. Allowing customization of your navigation through the interpretation of gestures made with your mouse, you can simply make movements corresponding to a given command. Each movement set appearing as a stroke of color, offers the ability to order all of the interface Firefox: navigation, window, tab, page, frame, image, selection tools, special commands and scripts. This extension original and effective you perfectly if you spend a minimum.

    Download FireGestures

    Bookmark Previews
    To bookmark your favorite sites is one thing, in earning hundreds unnecessarily is another. The eaters of the famous "bookmarks" know, over time we end up not making sense. It is therefore advisable to conduct a regular sort out this veritable jungle of URLs. To see more clearly and not spend hours, we suggest you use Bookmark Previews that will let you view a quick overview of your brands pages. With a little goodwill, he naturally needed as an indispensable tool in structuring your favorite web pages. In addition to a basic overview of all your bookmarks, you will find these images through a kind of "Cover Flow."

    Download Bookmark Previews

    Frequent users and exclusive to Mac and Linux systems have been observing from afar the exit of high profile Google browser Chrome. To wait until the imminent arrival of the famous navigator of Mountain View, "we have a solution aesthetic, interesting and valid under Windows for you. As its name suggests Chromifox Firefox is a theme to imitate with varying degrees of success interface and design of the browser "Chrome". Although reproducing color and form original tabs Google Chrome but reversed and ultimately flawed in its imitation, the result is still pleasant and available for Mac users, Linux and Windows, of course. A theme in air time to try!

    Download Chromifox

    Among the "15 000 improvements" made great Firefox 3, there is one who dislikes particularly large number of users: the awesome bar. This new feature allows a fully effective quick search through historical navigation marks and automatically indexed pages. Only addicted to the table yet ideal on paper, the design of the interface of this new bar is too large and little ergonomic. One of the strengths of the Firefox browser are its many extensions and Oldbar is proof. This small module is a timely reconcile with pleasure, offering the ability to easily find the appearance of the search bar fire "Firefox 2". Far from being invasive, small changes that will impact on an aesthetic. If the congestion caused by this new and brilliant presentation you uncomfortable: foncez and download this fabulous extension of any emergency!

    Download Oldbar

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    The Internet is composed of text, audio files, but also images and videos. Web enthusiasts know, we are all fans of news and research of the last pearl. However, although tools and engines have evolved over the years, the presentation is much the same. Thus, we suggest you discover these three extensions of beating heart of writing Tournament, which will allow you to save, copy, print an image, collect your favorite videos on your hard disk and especially to change your conception of Web browsing!

    In less than a year and steadily developing, PicLens has become as indispensable and revolutionary extension to navigation on the sites sharing photos and videos. The development team cooliris hit hard by offering this little nugget compatible with many Internet browsers. In the yard, you instantly transform all the sites into a consistent aesthetic and ergonomic panorama of images and video in full screen. Its simplicity of use has conquered a wide audience. Enough to launch a search image or video on one of the many sites supported fly an overview and click on the logo "play". You will then appear under your eyes a virtual gallery 3D influences undisputed "Cover Flow", containing all the results. This extension will not display the images on one page, but will load automatically during browsing the overall results. However, if you wish to multimedia and virtual stroll through a multitude of sites, you can use the search engine integrated into the interface:

    • Search engines and video images: Google Images and Google Video, Yahoo Images, Ask Images, Live Images, including AOL Pictures Youtube.
    • Sites sharing of images: Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa Web Albums, DeviantArt.
    • Community Networks: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster.

    You also enjoy a slideshow feature integrated and customizable. No more open to your family photos shared on sites like Picasa, since clicking on the preview of your choice, the image will automatically load and perfectly good resolution. Also, if you find an interesting image in traversing a 3D gallery, you can be one click redirected to the site that hosts. Simply select an image and you will see a "white arrow" clickable. Thus, you can view the site that issued it and save with the consent of the author. Only complete this plug-in will allow webmasters and bloggers to return their photo galleries compatible with the system PicLens. You finally find the perfect compatibility of this nugget with many browsers available on Windows and Mac: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. PicLens is to discover and use them!

    Download PicLens

    Video DownloadHelper
    We appreciate all discover the many pearls available on the sites of community sharing videos. Instead of record in all compulsively bookmark, we offer Video DownloadHelper to collect directly on your hard disk. This extension will allow you to download video files from sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. Combining ease of use, increased compatibility with many sites and efficiency formidable consider this extension to outgoing queries contained on each web page to determine the presence of media files. If video data are available, the symbol now close to the search bar come alive. It'll just click on the arrow next to his choice and select the file to download. Icing on the cake, this module supports an impressive list of websites you can consult the list by simply clicking on its icon. Efficient, convenient and simple, that ask for? Discover!

    Download Video DownloadHelper

    Image Toolbar
    The site consists of texts, videos, but also many pictures. Many of us particularly likes the collection of the best and most interesting. Image Toolbar will be the ideal companion in this quest, since you can save, copy, print and display information on an image a click. Of course, in normal times all these actions are achievable quickly and easily. However, this extension to the merit of making these actions without having to tamper with compulsions in the context menu. Once installed, you'll see over an image displayed in your browser, a floating bar containing five logos: Save, Copy, Print, Information, File image. Just click on one of them to access the function. Little more doubt, you will also have the ability to customize the display of different assignments, the minimum size of pictures to be taken into account as well as the position of the minibarre and of course its time display. This small lightweight, customizable, and is especially useful for testing saves time guaranteed!

    Download Image Toolbar

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    Daily life and research

    Some Firefox extensions can make your life easier, or at least save you precious time in your research, taken from your notes, or you remember your appointments or important tasks. If you edit a blog, you'll also pleased to be able to publish your tickets directly from the browser ...

    Internet is full of useful information that we sometimes spend several hours to glean patiently. However, these hours after finding the right information is often at a loss, lack of means to safeguard effectively. In this fantastic adventure in search of the lost tip on the Web, Zotero will prove to be the indispensable companion. Indeed, this extension will give you the ability to save pages or early selections in the form of pages of notes. Each selection can be archived and easily found through a search engine dynamics. Like Scrapbook, Zotero works locally, but provides a much more advanced and oriented literature. Later use, you simply drag and drop your text selection in the sidebar to create a note. Most of you eager to capture an entire page and more reasonable will be content with a simple link. Full and powerful, Zotero offers a number of options for archiving as the classification of pages and other fragments saved by keywords. Additional features such as highlighting important phrases and the ability to add annotations in the form of post-it, are all strengths that distinguish it from other modules in its class. To integrate your favorite browser urgently!

    Download Zotero

    Other classic archiving notes, scrapbooks is a very powerful extension to save pages or fragments of pages and archive them in a tree. The extension takes the form of a side panel to which you can drag images, bits of text or addresses a very practical way. To prioritize your pad, you can create folders and organize your way. Scrapbook also some annotation tools page. It may therefore remove items, in other highlight or add notes. The extension is also very useful for the preservation of whole pages and retain full layout of them. use, the extension is second nature quickly. One of the best Firefox extensions, remains indispensable!

    Download ScrapBook

    Available for several years, Sage allows amateurs to RSS feeds have a very pleasant view of their current favorite ones. Abandoned for a time, it was taken over and works with Firefox 3. The interface offers a sidebar divided into two parts. Above the list of feeds you are subscribed at the bottom of the list posts. If you click on a feed, the browser displays a preview page very own gathering all posts, like Safari. To add a feed Sage is easy: the extension adds a folder Sage Feeds to your bookmarks. Just subscribe via RSS browser button and select the folder. You can also drag your bookmarks RSS existing in the window of Wise. A research module flow is also available. Sage is also essential for the spread of startup pages like Netvibes but it remains an excellent way to quickly view its favorite RSS feeds.

    Download SAGE

    If you edit a blog, you may already have happened to be constrained by the management of it, forcing them to connect manually and edit a ticket on a full page, which is not always practice, including drag links, quotations or images from a Web page that you were being visited. ScribeFire is for you! This editor blog in the form of an extension has the enormous advantage to run directly into the browser, involving a panel for that. The extension is particularly compatible with Wordpress, Blogger, MovableType or Drupal. You can then edit all your existing messages and create new posts with a WYSIWYG interface Ergonomics is simply excellent, the panel is accessible at any time since an icon on the browser's status bar, and cherry on the cake, you can search and add videos from YouTube and images from Flickr.

    Download ScribeFire

    For those who are rather kind of distracted, a small think beast is never wrong. If you want to always have on hand when you use your web browser, the very well appointed ReminderFox will quite the case. The extension provides the ability to manage and view your tasks simply and effectively. Housed in the status bar of your browser as a red knot, its use is very easy: you just double-click on the logo ReminderFox to access the management platform of your thinking -beasts and tasks. The calendar allows you to enter memos and other important information. Reminders are carried out automatically and discreet, and the search module is very effective. Try it!

    Download ReminderFox

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    The last category of our selection includes some utilities to include the use of its space as Gmail storage space, block annoying content, display in full your passwords or to debug web pages. Rather reserved for a public confirmed, these modules demonstrate the diversity of extensions to the Mozilla browser.

    The Gmail service offers, among its benefits, storage space in perpetual expansion. Just like GMail Drive shell extension for Windows, which allows access to its GMail space from the Explorer, as it would for a local hard disk, Gspace offers several views to manage its storage space: manager File incorporated into Firefox, similar to that proposed extension FireFTP, to publish and download files as you would with an FTP client, a "visualization" to view photos and listen to audio tracks. And finally a "hard disk", limited to download files from storage. Beware, however: if Google condone this practice, it is clearly prohibited by the terms of use Gmail and publisher reserves the right to make this practice incompatible with the service.

    Download Gspace

    The ubiquity of Flash animation on a web page can become invasive. Flashblock does not propose to abolish completely, but to block them at source by substituting a block of similar size, struck the Flash logo. By flying, it turns into a Play button to play the animation. A button can also be added to the interface of Firefox (via the menu) to enable or disable the display animations on the current page. Finally, a list of allowed sites to display animations can be established. In short, a good way to control the use Flash on the web pages you visit, and display only those you want.

    Download Flashblock

    AdBlock Plus
    For those who find the advertising on certain sites too intrusive, Adblock Plus allows you to filter unwanted content. Once installed, the extension offers to choose a list of filters to apply. These filters are based on the addresses of banners, which often contain common terms as "ads", "banners or server addresses used. You can also add your own filters but the lists are relatively complete and frequently updated. Adblock can also block Flash content manually or Java via an icon added to the elements.

    Download Adblock Plus

    Firefox is popular with developers, and some of its extensions, as Web Developer facilitate debugging web pages. Firebug proposes another approach based on a rather interesting interface. The extension adds a button in the browser's status bar and opens in a panel at the bottom of the page (or in a separate window), in line with what is proposed. It provides access to both the HTML code to CSS or scripts in the page. The different elements can be highlighted and the code is automatically located in the mouse over. Firebug also allows you to edit directly in any page and see the result immediately. Regarding the scripts, the extension manages the interruption of the code to a line-up (with or without conditions) their execution line by line or display the value of variables to mouse over. Finally, we note the possibility of estimating the time of loading of different page elements (scripts, style sheets, images ...). In short, a must for all web developers!

    Download Firebug

    If you work with clients abroad, or simply if you want to call relatives on the other side of the planet without awakening, or know what time it is in New York, Tokyo or Beijing without leaving sight of the browser window, the solution is FoxClocks. Also compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird and calendar Mozilla Sunbird, The extension will allow you to keep an eye permanently on time anywhere in the world. To get started, you only need to type the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + Shift + Q] choice and select one of hundreds of cities integrated. You can either search directly by typing its name in the box provided, or browse the different sub tabs by time zone, continent, country and city. It'll just organize and choose one of two options available: view all selected zones juxtaposed, or a shortcut to fly to display if they are too numerous.

    Download FoxClocks

    Unhide Passwords
    Finish with an extension that will prove useful for those who frequently pestent against typing errors passwords. Unhide Passwords will offer you the opportunity to display the characters typed in the field with the password, instead , The usual asterisks or dots. While useless for short keys and thus low level of security, it may be a valuable aid for passwords more complex compounds of special characters. The display can be customized both by the color change that by setting bold or italic fonts. This can be disabled in options or by simple double click.

    Download unhide Passwords

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    Hey this is quite nice information you have shared with all of us!
    Since i am a firefox 3 user & i will definitely try these extensions!
    Specially Ctrl-Tab, FireGestures, PicLens, Video DownloadHelper & ScribeFire.

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    firebug, is a best I can find!

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