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Thread: Bank Job vs IT job

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    Bank Job vs IT job

    Now that I have graduated I am thinking of getting a job for me. There are many friends who are either in IT job or Bank related job. All of them are telling me that both has its own benefits but I am not sure about it. I was wondering which job should I apply for whether a Bank job or an IT job? I am a commerce student and also very good in Accounts. I can also operate the computers pretty easily but I dont know core knowledge about it? So can anyone suggest which one should I go for? Thanks

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    Re: Bank Job vs IT job

    Well, it is pretty hard to compare those since both IT and Bank jobs are booming carriers. Most of the young generations are getting into the IT since it is an attractive sector. As or the bank jobs, if you have a good posts like PO or branch manager then you will get attractive salary as well. But still it totally depends on you that in which sector you are interested in. Since you are good in accounts so it will be good to go for a bank job.

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    Re: Bank Job vs IT job

    IT means not handling basic computers person should have in depth knowledge of programming and development. I think Bank job would be better for you.

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    Re: Bank Job vs IT job

    In an IT job you can expect a salary package that comes arount to 3 lakh to 4 lakh per annum or it might also vary. In the Bank sector you can also expect a starting salary of 2.5 lakh but it grows faster to 5 lakh per annum. There is no doubt that it could be more than this also. Since you dont have any IT background then you shoudl not go for it because you will have to learn a lot of computer knowledge.

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    Re: Bank Job vs IT job

    I believe that IT job is not good compared to Bank job because in an IT job you do not actually get a job security. You are also paid very low salary and your salary hikes happen once in a year only, that too either salary or promotions to next level. Compared to bank job you get a high job security and also good salary. Once, you get retirement then you can also get pension facility incase the bank is government recognized.

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    Re: Bank Job vs IT job

    dear IT has a great scope now in India and worldwide also. The IT person can be easily start his own business also without any big investment. but it doesn't mean that you should start IT job. you have to explore your self and then check out what is according to your aptitude then talk a decision according to your personality

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    Re: Bank Job vs IT job

    As you described above that you are good in Accounts so I suggest you that you should go for the banking sector jobs. This will be more beneficial for your present as well as future prospect.

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