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Thread: BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer Science

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    BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer Science

    I have just complete my 12th board exam with distinction grade. I have done it from Maharashtra board in science stream with computer science as my vocational subject. I want to pursue career in I.T. field as a software developer or if any other field that suits my interest. I don’t want to do engineering courses as they take lot of time. So the only options that I have chosen are B.Sc. Computer Science and BCA. But I cannot decide which out of them are better, I mean in terms of duration, course, fees and their details. Can someone who has good information about these educational courses, explain me the differences between them?

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    Re: BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer Science

    Many people who want to join the IT industry search for related courses at the undergraduate level. Many people come across the courses B.Sc. Computer Science and BCA and get confused about them. I myself am a Computer Science graduate from Mumbai University and this course doesn’t teach any specific software that is currently being used in the IT industry. It uses mathematical and theoretical method to get the basic concepts and the fundamental part of the IT right in the minds of the students. This course teaches techniques necessary to build the basic syntax of most of the softwares. The admission to B.Sc. Computer Science from any college affiliated to Mumbai University is based on the marks one acquires in HSC examination. The marks of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry are considered while admission. Having passed from a vocational subject like you have done in Computer Science will be an added advantage.

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    Re: BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer Science

    After you complete B.Sc. Computer Science, you can apply for Courses like M.Sc. Computer Science and MCA. M.Sc. Computer Science is a course which is available in many recognized universities of India. Also after completing B.Sc. Computer Science, you will be eligible to apply for M.Tech course. But to apply for this course, you will need to pass an entrance exam set by the institute or university. Let me tell one thing about B.Sc. Computer Science frankly. This course and knowledge is not enough to do work as required in industry. Either you will need to do some other certificate courses along with it or excel in one field at such level that you can do anything in it. Usually the knowledge provided by B.Sc. Computer Science is enough to get job as a software tester or software developer. But if you want to get in a high profile job like in Infosys or Satyam, then you have to do more than just B.Sc. Computer Science.

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    Re: BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer Science

    In BCA, the student is given knowledge about the softwares that are used in the field of software development, internet security, database management and many other fields. This course imparts the knowledge about the softwares and the techniques that are currently being used in the IT industry. The knowledge gained from this course can be used by the student to pursue the post graduate courses as well as to get job in organizations related to the IT field. The main intention of BCA course is to make the student ready to face the world and undertake tasks and solve problems related to business by application of technical knowledge.

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    Re: BCA vs. B.Sc. Computer Science

    To apply for BCA, you need to pass an entrance exam and have over 50% marks in HSC examination. Also you must have appeared for Mathematics in HSC examination. Even after doing this course, you can apply for MCA or M.Sc. Computer Science. Also you can apply for M.Tech course after passing the entrance exam required for it. Since you are given knowledge of the softwarres used in industry, you can get job in your desired profile. But remember one thing, if in case any ne softwares gets into use by the IT industry, the knowledge won’t come useful in gaining job.

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