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Thread: Want to know about import and export & exim policy in bank

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    Want to know about import and export & exim policy in bank

    I am a second year BCom student and i have a project on "import and export & exim policy in bank". I don't have an idea about this topic. I asked my senior but they have not an enough information on it. I am in a trouble. What is import and export? Please briefly explain it. What is an exim policy in bank? If anyone have a knowledge about it then please reply me as soon as possible.

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    Re: Want to know about import and export & exim policy in bank

    To transport or transmit in from an external resource, specially to bring in (goods or materials) from a foreign country for trade or sale is called as a Import. Export is when you deal something out of the country. In economics, an export is any good or service, transported from one country to another country. Import export businesses is also known as international trading which are one of the most modern commercial style of this decade.

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    Re: Want to know about import and export & exim policy in bank

    Exporting and importing goods is a large way to develop your business and take part in the global economy. Actuality, companies that do business internationally grow faster and fail less often than companies that don't. There are a number of government programs to help to get started in international trade. Also, there are strict regulations on importing and exporting goods, so it is significant that you realize which of these rules apply to you. Opening an import export business require an preliminary investment of $5,000 or more, depending not only on the type of products you're setting up to market. but also on whether you plan on working from home or renting an office, hiring employees, etc. To get started, it may be sensible to consult with the local Board of Trade (or the Chamber of Commerce in smaller cities) or call Consulates and Embassies to find out if they have import export programs set up.
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    Re: Want to know about import and export & exim policy in bank

    Ex-Im Bank is aggressively establishing "One-Stop-Shop" co-financing services. "One-Stop-Shop" planning allow products and services from two (or more) countries to advantage from a single ECA financing package. Ex-Im Bank supply medium- or long-term assurance, loan, or insurance support for U.S. exports for foreign projects. It may also offer local cost support. Local costs are those project-related costs for supplies and services incurred in the buyer's country.

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    Re: Want to know about import and export & exim policy in bank

    Exim policy in bank highlights are as follows:-

    • Higher Support for Market and Product Diversification
    • Support for Technological up-gradation
    • Benefit and flexibility to Status Holders
    • Stability / Continuity of the Foreign Trade Policy
    • Procedural Simplification and Reduction of Transaction Cost
    • EDI Initiatives
    • Leather Sector
    • Handloom sector
    • Textiles sector
    • Gems & Jewellery sector
    • Handicraft Sector
    • Service sector
    • Agriculture and Plantation
    • Engineering and Electronics
    • Toys and Sports goods

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