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Thread: Best qualities of a successful e-business

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    Best qualities of a successful e-business

    I am a management student and i want to gain some information on the topic that what are the good qualities of making a successful e-business. How we can make maximum profit out off the e-business. Please do try to give me some information about this topic. I will be very much thankful to you if you do this thing for me. Please do help. Thanks.

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    Re: Best qualities of a successful e-business

    I would like to provide you some info on this topic.

    Always plan future less than 24 months
    A company must never plan future of e-business more than 24 months; this is because the successful e-businesses concentrate on a 24-month window for strategic planning. The company planning for e-business must have a checkmarks after every 90 days, because if you are not doing this checkmark, then you will not be able to achieve your goals.

    Use separate strategy for different business unit
    A company has to develop a separate strategy for the organizations for its different operational unites and also for the various geographical locations. This is because if the company uses the same strategy for all the operational unites, than it will not be able to generate maximum profit.

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    Re: Best qualities of a successful e-business

    I have to add few more things to the above topic.
    • For developing a successful e-business one must give equal weight to internal processes and external processes.

      Internal process:- Traditional businesses normally come across ways to slash costs by dropping inventory.
      External process:-It is the process to reach new customers.
    • Always try to improve or destroy your distribution channels based on their true power and value.

    Hope that the content which i have provided to you will really help you in out.
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    Re: Best qualities of a successful e-business

    I have referred your reply and the some of the point which is suggested by Abbiereally describes the best qualities of a successful e-business. Even the first point given by Abbie was good one. All together the content or the information which you both have provided to me is really nice. For this i will like to thank you both once again.

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    Re: Best qualities of a successful e-business

    I also require some help on the e-business, but I do not require the information on the qualities of e-business, I require the information on the e-business challenges. What all difficulties come in between while developing and e-business and how to overcome those difficulties. If anyone has any idea related with this topic, then try to reply me back. Hope you will help me out. Any help regarding this will be appreciated. Thanks.

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