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Thread: Project on tourism industry in India

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    Project on tourism industry in India

    I am looking for a project report on tourism industry in India. I am trying to do the research on the tourism industry in India. Have anyone had tried to make the project on India tourism. If anyone of have tried and made the projects on the tourism industry in India please help me or given me some idea through which I can make the project easily. Thank You.

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    Re: Project on tourism industry in India

    Indian Tourism Industry Forecast reports provide an objective investigation of the current situation and future prediction of the Indian tourism industry. This report spotlights on dissimilar limitations of tourism industry which include inbound tourism, outbound tourism, expenses by inbound tourists, and medicinal tourism in India. It also helps customers to investigate the opportunities and dangerous factors to the achievement of tourism industry in India.

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    Re: Project on tourism industry in India

    Tourism is industries that operate on an extremely broad scale it embrace behavior ranging from the negligible sea-side hotel to air-lines, multi-national hotel chains and most important international tour operators. Originally, non-traditional business such as tourism emerged as an explanation to smack a balance among ecology and industry. The tourism industry is at the present one of the biggest sectors earning foreign exchange for the exchequer. In the face of such repayment, a lot of countries have started conveying due weightage to the tourism business in their national development schedule.

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    Re: Project on tourism industry in India

    You must major notice on the Tourism statistics
    • Tourism is one of the world's greatest growing industries at present and embraces the position of the world's no. 1 business.
    • The tourism business as a whole is currently predictable to earn over US$ 3.5 trillion worldwide.
    • The industry creates a work every 2.4 seconds with every one of those straight jobs creating an additional eleven indirect ones.
    • India's share of the whole market is a meager amount at 0.51%. The non-tourist countries like Malaysia and Indonesia get a lot more tourists than India.
    • However, the normal duration of weight of foreign tourist in India is one of the uppermost in the world.
    • Tourism has the dissimilarity of being the third biggest export industry after jewelers and readymade garments in India.

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    Re: Project on tourism industry in India

    The tourism industry in India is considerable and vibrant, and the country is quickly becoming a major worldwide destination. Industry is one of mainly money-making industries in the country, and also accredited with contributing a significant quantity of foreign exchange. This is illustrating by the fact that after during 2006, four million tourists visited in India and spend $8.9 billion US Dollar. Numerous reasons are cited for the development and wealth of India’s journey and tourism industry. Economic development has added millions per annum to the ranks of India’s middle division, a group that is dynamic domestic tourism growth. Throwaway income in India has grown by 10.11 percent per annum from the years 2001 to 2006, and a large amount of that is being used up on journey.

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