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Thread: Mutual Funds according to investment objective

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    Mutual Funds according to investment objective

    Hello friend I am very new college pass out student, and with the sales profile. I am very interested about the new sales technique which is mainly use for the investment in different fields of banking and the insurance field. I am also looking for the job for the any one of these two fields, but though I am very a very fresh candidate then this is not possible for me to gain so much knowledge about this technique during our study, so I am here to know some of information’s about the investment technique, mainly about the Mutual funds. What are their different classifications? What is the objective?

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    Re: Mutual Funds according to investment objective

    An investment schemes are classified as growth scheme, income scheme, or balanced scheme, depend on the investment objective. These schemes are classified as
    1. Growth / Equity Oriented Schemes
    The main objective of this classification is to provide capital to the long term investments. Such type of schemes is invested in to the major part of the investment equities. But I think these are having a lot of risk according to their policies. And the other classification is known as the
    2. Tax-saving funds
    Which is also known as the ELSS or equity-linked savings schemes. This scheme is offering benefit according to the income tax policies. So after the investment in particular scheme you can allow to clamed for the taxable income, while you are investing I high amount for the scheme.
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    Re: Mutual Funds according to investment objective

    The classification of Mutual fund is India is designed according to the objective and structure of the mutual fund scheme. This classification is used to make the categorization of the different schemes into major types like the Funds of Funds, Closed- End Funds, Large Cap Funds and the interval funds, which are mainly available in the Indian market. In India the mutual fund is termed as the collection of investments with some professional tricks. In the mutual fund process, the money is collected from the large number of investors and invests it into bonds, stocks and some other securities.

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    Re: Mutual Funds according to investment objective

    I am having a few information about a classification of the mutual fund and one I would like to share this with you. The name of that classification is Tax Saving Funds, which is used for rebating the taxes of the consumed under the Income Tax Act. It is generally having a period of tie interval which is comes as three years. As in order to this the fund manager is not concerned on this scheme. These scheme are offers to those whole are related with equity investment. This schemes is very much useful for those investors who are looking for rebates from the tax and also for the benefit in order to their investment.
    Major Tax Saving Funds in India are:
    • Franklin India Tax Shield
    • HDFC Tax Saver
    • Sundaram Tax Saver
    • HDFC Long Term Advantage
    • Prudential ICICI Tax Plan
    • Birla Equity Plan
    • UTI Equity Tax Savings
    • Tata Tax Saving Fund
    • Magnum Tax Gain

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