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Thread: What procedure and documentation need for export

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    What procedure and documentation need for export

    I am student of MBA and I want to do the project on export documentation and procedure but I don’t have exact idea about what all topics should be covered under it. What thing I should include so that it will be proper project and what all export documentation and procedures are carry out in the export. If anybody have knowledge regarding this please help me with the appropriate details.

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    Re: What procedure and documentation need for export

    In your project you should include all the details about the procedure and the documentation require to setup the export business. There are many legal procedures to be followed before going for setting the export business and some kind of legal documents are so require to obtain the License. All things should be mentioned in your project in order to make it a complete project, I think you can visit to the official website to get the detailed information on what should be the required procedure and documents.

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    Re: What procedure and documentation need for export

    I think below mentioned content should be included in your project because it is essential part of export.
    Particular documents may be compulsory based on the kind of product or destination. Some export products may need a quality control inspection certificate which is provided by the Export Inspection Agency. And if the export products are some food and pharmaceutical product then they may need a health or sanitary certificate for export.
    Other than above mentioned things Shipping Bill/ Bill of Export is the major document necessary needed by the Customs Authority for permitting shipment. Typically the Shipping Bill is of four types and the main distinction lies with view to the products :
    • Export duty/ cess
    • Free of duty/ cess
    • Entitlement of duty drawback
    • Entitlement of credit of duty under DEPB Scheme
    • Re-export of imported goods

    All below mentioned Documents Required for Post Parcel Customs to export clearance:
    • Customs Declaration Form
    • Prescriptions regarding the minimum and maximum sizes of the parcel with its maximum weight
    • Commercial invoice
    • Certificate of Inspection
    • Manufacturer's Certificate

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    Re: What procedure and documentation need for export

    I was searching for the information regarding how one can star with export business in India finally came to this forum. So here i want to know about the procedure which need to be followed and the documentation that is require to be done in order to start with the export business. So if anyone have details regarding what procedure I should follow for getting started with export and what document i have to submit for the same.

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    Re: What procedure and documentation need for export

    Best way to get information about what you need to do or procedure for it. You need to approach REGIONAL LICENSING AUTHORITIES for getting the IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE (IEC) NUMBER. After acquiring IEC number you can move for CMC (Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate) for registration with export promotion counseling. After this you need to have the registration with SALES TAX AUTHORITIES and need to submit with the required documents after which you need to follow some kind of more procedure to start with export.

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