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Thread: SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

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    SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

    I have just completed my graduation and i am now planning to apply for the SCAD for MFA program this current year. Also i am a photographer but quiet new not aware of photography. I meant to say that i can sometime take quality pictures but not always. I would like to know what are the requirement for doing SCAD.

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    Re: SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

    SCAD is committed to the pursuit of excellence and welcomes applicants from the United States and abroad who have the same high standards. SCAD maintains selective admission policies, accounting for a student body that is enthusiastic about the programs of study and capable of advancing rapidly.

    Note: Applicants who meet or exceed the minimum admission requirements are not guaranteed admission.

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    Re: SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

    The SCAD offers as number of different courses so can you tell me which of the course would you prefer i have mentioned them below:

    • M.Arch: Master of Architecture Degree (Professional)
    • M.Arch: Master of Architecture Degree (Postprofessional)
    • M.A.: Master of Arts Degree
    • M.A.T.: Master of Arts in Teaching Degree
    • M.F.A.: Master of Fine Arts Degree
    • M.U.D.: Master of Urban Design Degree
    • Graduate Certificate

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    Re: SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

    All the Applicants must submit a portfolio which shows their intellectual and artistic maturity, as well as the capacity to develop an idea through a series of work. Almost all the applicants should describe a related stories for their latest work which will demonstrate the applicants current artistic direction and demonstrates a committed studio practice. Additionally a written must be included to in order to provide a summary of the relevant issues of their current work which will give their sense of direction he work might take during graduate study.

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    Re: SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

    There is no pre-defined way to write a portfolio which means that every different person has its own approach of writing a portfoliio. The basic this which you need to know for writing a portfolio is to understand what kind of portfolio you are creating.

    Simply speaking you can take your own time thinking about what you will show in each of these cases and prepare accordingly. The presentation level should be excellent in your portfolio.

    All the pages must be designed in such a way that shows you can quickly and effectively communicate complex ideas in a professional manner.

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    Re: SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

    I would advice you to indicate the images that are present in the inventory sheet if it is manipulated digitally. The portfolio should also exhibit a coherence of vision and it should be excellent i crafting. Significant experience of making photographs should be demonstrated and it should reveal all your aesthetic awareness and strong technical skills. It should also reflect your capacity to develop an in-depth and consistent investigation. Additionally the aspirants must an example of the scholarly writing in order to show their communication skills.

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    Re: SCAD - MFA portfolio help/guidelines

    A strong portfolio shows the intellectual and artistic abilities, as well as the capacity to develop an idea through a series of work. Applicants are allowed to include related work that indicates their current artistic expertise. If you keep your descriptions short and precise while showing your book and flip through at a consistent pace, a potential employer usually won’t mind a few extra projects .
    A written statement should be submitted to demonstrate level of ability to summarize relevant issues in the current work; describe intended research or future direction; and provide insights into the applicant's concepts, focus and self-awareness.

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