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Thread: Gnomon or Academy of Art Online for Drawing?

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    Gnomon or Academy of Art Online for Drawing?

    I was wondering if someone could give me any ideas on where I could learn to draw. Enough that I could sketch out character designs and story boards, which ultimately would be used for 3D short film. I learned a lot about modeling and rendering, but know I should improve my drawing skills. I have none what so ever. So I have looked into classes at Gnomon and Academy of Art Online. I could really use some input from people. Especially, others who have attended classes at Gnomon Drawing and drawing courses via online at AAU. Although the curriculum at AAU seems nice, was my first assumption that learning subscription through an online course could not be recovered. But I am open to other input and experiences. And although Gnomon is not known for traditional art, I felt at least to have a teacher in the person might be more advantageous. Gnomon and classes are more affordable. Yet the learning experience is important. Can anybody tell me which is better Gnomon or Academy of Art Online for Drawing?

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    Re: Gnomon or Academy of Art Online for Drawing?

    I will suggest you to go for the local community college or drawing workshop and learn to draw a lot from live figure.

    I am suggesting this because if you take any online class from academy of art then they will charge you nearly about $2000. Well I do not have any idea how gnomons traditional course work. Hence the final decision depends on you.

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    Re: Gnomon or Academy of Art Online for Drawing?

    Well I was planning on making it on my own. I have done lots and lots of practice since it is necessary, I took a course at LACMA (la county museum of art) and it was a excellent spring board. It changed my viewpoint for drawing, but it was much to lose. I was among others that were very advanced on the drawing. And the experience was so free flowing. I wanted a little like more structure and guidance. I have always valued your posts before.

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    Re: Gnomon or Academy of Art Online for Drawing?

    Well according to me AAU online is, not so good, and Gnomon drawing is also not good. There is no point in going for certification program if you are planning to learn something for your own business. If you need to improve the drawing skill somewhere it will be better to take night classes at the Art center. Because according to me drawing skills requires practices it is not the thing which you can buy with money.

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    Re: Gnomon or Academy of Art Online for Drawing?

    When it comes to making the character, work from other’s photographs this is another form of practice, but nothing compared to drawing from live models. It is imperative for all artists to learn the correct proportions, structures and attitudes, what they represent. And it is far more important to start using your own thoughts and take what you have learned with time and use these ideas on their own and in your own style.

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