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Thread: Diploma in Airport Managemet

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    Diploma in Airport Managemet

    Hello Friends,

    Can you please lil but suggestion on Diploma on Airport Management. I want to know the scope and the payscale for it. Please give me your suggestion am waitn for your reply..


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    Re: Diploma in Airport Managemet

    Education and Training College

    Salary Median—$47,450 per year

    Employment Outlook Good

    Airport managers oversee more than seventeen thousand airports in the United States. Some are large metropolitan airports with hundreds of scheduled flights arriving and departing every day. Others are private airfields with no scheduled flights and very little daily activity. Small airports are generally managed by their owners, but the operations of medium-sized and large airports are so complex that the airports need part-time or full-time managers.

    While they generally have no direct control over flying activities, airport managers do make sure that Federal Aviation Administration regulations are enforced. They maintain good relations with the airlines that fly in and out of their airports and supervise the maintenance of runways and airport buildings. They oversee budgets, staffing, and public relations. Above all, airport managers must ensure that their airports run safely and efficiently and provide good service to their communities.
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