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Thread: How To Prepare For Examination

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    How To Prepare For Examination

    Examinations serve several purposes, the foremost of which is to inform the examiner regarding the amount of knowledge possessed by the student. Students can generally be divided into two groups: those who prepare for the exam in advance and those who do it only a few days before. This article will outline hints and tips for both. I will start with those of you who prepare long before the exam, however, the majority of the article is for those of you who start late.But this is not the only function of an examination. It also shows the student how much he knows or does not know.The plan should outline the time that you have available as well as the subjects that you are preparing for. The time spent on each subject will differ, depending on the quality of the lectures, your attendance, the difficulty of the subject and the amount that you need to revise to pass it. It is advisable to spend 2–3 hours of revision for each lecture. This will allow you to look through the notes made during the lecture and read any additional literature. Furthermore, you may find during the revision that there are some points that you would like more clarification on from your tutor. This will provide you with an opportunity to clarify them before your exam.

    But students are not very patient in philosophizing about the purpose of examinations, declaring that if examinations are a necessary part of the educational process, they wish some advice that will enable them to pass examinations easily and with credit to themselves. So we shall turn our attention to the practical problems of passing examinations.

    Here are some tips on how to study for examinations:

    1. Get a blank piece of paper and outline the material you need to study. This helps develop a "big picture" overview of the material.Start with big topics and leave room for subtopics.Fill in the information as best as you can. Get another sheet of paper and start over if necessary.Once you see all the units of information in front of you it will be easier to organize your studying. This will help you with the next step.

    2. Break the material into smaller chunks and study each one.Only once you understand each one should you move on to the next.Do this part alone in your quiet study place.This is when you start to memorize the information you'll need later. Write down any questions that you may have.

    3. The next step is to work with someone else to clarify anything that's confusing.Work with others, go to review sessions, see a tutor, or work with the professor.At this point it's important to make sure that everything is clearly understood.This is crucial.If this step is skipped then you're left with trying to memorize hundreds of useless factoids. It will never mean anything to you later.

    4. Now it's time to put the information into your brain for retrieval.If you've been working all along you will already remember much of it.Make sure nothing is left out.Review the tips on memory.Many students focus on this step exclusively.

    5. This is not needed by everyone but it's useful if you are having trouble with the course.You've been studying for hours and hours but, do you really know anything?Try working with someone else who will ask you questions about the material.If you can answer and explain concepts without too much effort then you're in good shape.Usually this help to expose areas that require more attention and study.

    6. If the previous step went well then all you have left is to work on weak areas and a general overview the material.If you didn't do well explaining the material you'll need another round of steps 4 and 5.Hopefully you left time for this in your study schedule.

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    Re: How To Prepare For Examination

    Some tips for students in examination hall:

    1. Having made preparation of the subject-matter of the examination, the next step is to prepare yourself physically for the trying ordeal, for it is well known that the mind acts more ably under physically healthful conditions. Go to the examination-room with your body rested after a good night’s sleep. Eat sparingly before the examination, for mental processes are likely to be clogged if too heavy food is taken.

    2. Students know from experience whether they are fast writers or not. If students normally find it difficult to answer the essay-type questions within the time permitted, they should find out how many words are normally written in a quarter of an hour. Essay-type questions should then be worked out beforehand so that all the facts can be rendered in the permissible time.Such students should then practice beforehand to write as many facts in two pages as other students do in three or more pages.

    3. One error which students often commit in taking examinations is to waste time in dreaming. As they come upon a difficult question they sit back and wait for the answer to come to them. This is the wrong plan. The secret of freedom of ideas lies in activity. Therefore, at such times, keep active, so that the associative processes will operate freely. Instead of idly waiting for flashes of inspiration, begin to write. You may not be able to write directly upon the point at issue, but you can write something about it, and as you begin to explore and to express your meager fund of knowledge, one idea will call up another and soon the correct answer will appear.

    4. After you have prepared yourself to the extent of your ability, you should maintain toward the examination an attitude of confidence. Believe firmly that you will pass the examination. Make strong suggestions to yourself, affirming positively that you have the requisite amount of information and the ability to express it coherently and forcefully.

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