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Thread: Tips for finding a part time job

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    Tips for finding a part time job

    Finding s part time job is important to you as a foreign student. It helps you tide over the inevitable financial crunches you might suffer during your course period.

    Here are a few ways you could find the right part time job:
    • Networking
      80% of jobs available are never advertised. Nowadays it seems, the best way to secure a job is to spread the word that you are looking for one. So do not hesitate to let everyone - family, friends, even mere acquaintances - know that you are searching for work.

    • Targeted Search
      You might ask for part time positions in companies that interest you. If they aren't hiring, they might be able to tell you who is.

    • Newspapers
      Provincial, community or employment papers are obvious mediums to use for finding a job.

    • Campus Newspapers
      Although the number of job postings in campus newspapers are not generally substantial, it is worth a try.

    • Bulletin Boards
      Campus are not short of bulletin boards, whether official - such as the ones in the departmental offices and the SUB - or unofficial - such as those at the bus loop. Many casual jobs are posted this way.

    • Temp Agencies
      This is particularly good if you have clerical-type office skills, and if your schedule accommodates the hours required.

    • The Internet
      The way to go nowadays is online. There are hundreds of job banks and employment databases available. See "Job Search Databases" for some useful links. You may also choose to post your resume online so employers can find you.

    • Create Your Own Job
      If you have a special talent or skill that others may be interested in, you have a potential job inside of you! Tutoring or teaching your area of expertise can be a great part-time job. It also means being your own boss, and creating a flexible schedule.

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    Re: Tips for finding a part time job

    Nice tips

    Jobs are jobs. Be part time or full time. You are going to have to work, no matter how "cool" the job or company, so be prepared for some days to not be as great as others. The keys to remember are that you are earning money, you are gaining experience, and you are making good contacts (and references)!

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    Re: Tips for finding a part time job

    Walmart Stores part-time jobs are available for people seeking additional income for their households.

    Formulate a job search plan in your mind and write it down on paper. Schedule a visit to a local Walmart store in order to gather information that will provide you with needed information. Consider the different kinds of Walmart positions that are available to you based on your personal skills, knowledge and abilities.
    -Whats the use of your old clothes if you won't give it to those who are poor?
    -Whats the use of your cooking skill if you won't cook for those who are hungy?
    -Whats the use of YOU if you won't help those in need

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    Re: Tips for finding a part time job

    Part time job is very okay if you want to augment your income. Seeking what is best is another story. I suggest to indulge yourself in home business that will surely click and will help you be free from the hassles of going to and fro, seeking customers here and there. Partner with a millionaire who pioneered home based business and you will surely never go astray. Get my name as an assurance Xanindia. I will surely captivate the people of India and will help them help themselves. Got me?

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