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Thread: Career Selection

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    Career Selection

    i need a bit of favour from your side in the form of your guidance towards career selection.
    i request you to kindly guide what to select as a undergraduate course .me from commerce background without maths , i am totally perflexed about my career ,so please tell me which course should i pursue to move further and that course should be of great value and also capable of providing handsome salary after my graduation ,*(BBA,BBS,BBE,BCA,BFIA,ENG.(Hons),B.COM,ECO(HoNS) ) amoung all mentioned courses which one is better .
    i request to reply as soon as possible,as i am totally confused about the same .
    expecting great response with full details from side.
    also , if possible please detail me about issue dates of various forms along with their last submission dates .
    i'll be highly greatful to you .
    Thanking You


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    Re: Career Selection

    Thread moved to Education, Career and Job Discussions

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    Re: Career Selection

    i would suggest you to go for BBA as it has a good carrier prospectus ahead.
    Also to add more on this the carrier also promisses great salary. so go for it friend

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    Re: Career Selection

    All specialisation or fields of management can be good, but when you choose a specialisation it should be-in-the context of your-abilities and personality. For example, finance is a good specialisation if you have strong numerical and analytical skills, while marketing is ideal for those with strong interpersonal communication skills who are open minded, comfortable with numbers and have commercial awareness. The decision on a specialisation needs to be taken much later. So as of now focus on trying for the best colleges for your Bachelor's degree.

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    Re: Career Selection

    Most of the above mentioned courses requires Maths to appear for and Even if later on you decide to appear for any corporate or for government post you should have Maths at your HSC level for sure.

    So If you have No background of Maths then go for B.COM,ECO(HoNS) this would be the Theoretical subject and when you would complete this then you may get Professor or literature head.


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    Re: Career Selection

    You don’t have math’s background so better you go for B.COM. It would be better for you as you can have a bright future with economics.

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    Re: Career Selection

    hi rohit u should go to BBA
    bcz this is the line which help you to make ur life better in aboard also.
    and also u haven't maths subject so BBA shd be beneficial after dat u can go to MBA in aboard also.

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