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Thread: How to prepare for SAT Exam ?

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    How to prepare for SAT Exam ?

    The SAT Reasoning Test (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States.

    SAT is a compulsory test to secure admission in any undergraduate program of any college of USA. This test is developed, managed and administered by College Entrance Examination Board, based in USA. SAT is prepared and scored by the Educational Testing Service. It is an approximately 4 hour long test. There are two types of SAT tests namely, SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests.

    SAT consists of three major sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Each section receives a score on the scale of 200–800. All scores are multiples of 10. Total scores are calculated by adding up scores of the three sections. Each major section is divided into three parts. There are 10 sub-sections, including an additional 25-minute experimental or "equating" section that may be in any of the three major sections. The experimental section is used to normalize questions for future administrations of the SAT and does not count toward the final score. The test contains 3 hours and 45 minutes of actual timed sections, although most administrations, including orientation, distribution of materials, completion of biographical sections, and eleven minutes of timed breaks, run about four and a half hours long.

    The mere thought of cracking the SAT test can be never wrecking for most of the students. However, the test itself is no rocket science. Mentioned below are a few simple guidelines that can help you attain a good SAT score.

    • It is essential to start studying well in time for the SAT test. You should consider studying at least 4 months before the SAT exam.
    • Get prep materials either online or at a bookstore/library.
    • Set aside study times in your week, at minimum 5 hours would be best.
    • Find ways to fit in short term studies such as a vocab podcast or an algebra video cast.
    • It is advisable to make a note of every word that you learn along with its meaning in a small diary. Make sentences with those words so as to comprehend their usage better. Keep this diary handy and scan through the pages whenever you get time
    • You should try to incorporate the new learned words in your every day usage
    • It’s a good idea to learn groups of words in multiples. Learn prefixes, suffixes and root meanings. Take for example the prefix “ex”. It means out or away. Now think of similar words such as exterior, exit, extrinsic or extrapolate. You can easily guess that extrinsic means external to as it is another ex word.
    • It is important to hone your writing skills for the writing section in the SAT test. The easiest and most reliable way is to maintain a journal.
    • During the course of your SAT preparation if you use calculator frequently, feel free to take the calculator to the exam. However, students who are not well versed with the use of calculator will gain little from its use during the exam.

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    Re: How to prepare for SAT Exam ?

    SAT is known to test logical reasoning skills of a candidate. You can easily purchase logic puzzle books from bookstores and practice on an everyday basis

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    Structure of SAT Test

    The three parts of SAT are scored separately as reading score, a writing score, and a math score that range from 200 to 800 each. The average score of each section will be about 500. This average score is acceptable by almost all the colleges and universities. Yet few top colleges/universities expect for above average SAT scores of above 2100, which would puts in the 90 percentile.

    A good SAT score will certainly increase your chances of secure admission in better colleges/universities. Your SAT subject score is measured on a scale of 200 to 800. Usually a SAT score of about 500 in every section (Mathematics, Writing and Critical Reading) is considered as a good score to get admission in good colleges/universities.
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    Re: How to prepare for SAT Exam ?

    Thanks for providing various detail on SAT Exam.

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    smile Re: How to prepare for SAT Exam ?

    here is an good article on how to prepare for the sat
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    Re: How to prepare for SAT Exam ?

    First of all you can create a schedule and study well before the test. Cramming won't help. As in sports, you need to win one game at a time.The Preliminary SAT can help you gain an understanding of the types of questions presented on the SAT, the format of the test, the time limits and the pressure.For the critical reading section, the mathematics section, and the multiple choice part of the writing section, the raw score is computed in the following manner.

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