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Thread: Online job portals in India

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    Online job portals in India

    Online recruitment uses the power of the internet to match people to jobs. Advertising vacancies on job sites is particularly effective at getting a high level of response. Not only it generates hundreds more applications than traditional print advertising, but it also provides job-seeker with ease and convenience to search and apply for the job of his/her choice from a large pool of available positions.

    Here is a list of some of the Indian Job Portals that provide online job portals. The top 3 job portals in India i.e. Naukri, TimesJobs and Monster are described briefly with their features.
    Monster India

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    The Company was incorporated on May 1, 1995 under the Companies Act, 1956 as Info Edge (India) Private Limited and converted into Public Limited on April 27, 2006.

    The Company is a leading provider of online recruitment, matrimonial & real estate classifieds and related services in India. Their business is managed primarily through four divisions, which comprise online recruitment classified division (operating through, online matrimonial classified division (operating through, online real estate classified division (operating through and offline executive search division (operating through their Quadrangle division). The company to address the middle east job market had launched The company also launched a career counseling and guidance site ( and a professional networking site (

    They have established and currently maintain a network of 67 offices located in 41 cities throughout India, as well as 2 offices in Dubai and 1 in Bahrain, which primarily engage in sales, marketing and payment collection activities for their business divisions. As on March 31, 2008, their employee strength was about 1,650 persons.

    They currently have two subsidiaries, Naukri Internet Services Private Limited and Jeevansathi Internet Services Private Limited, which own internet domain names and related trademarks used in their business.

    Alliances of


    1. HT Mumbai
    2. DNA
    3. FPJ
    4. New Indian Express
    5. Indian Express chandigarh
    6. Divya Bhaskar
    7. Mid Day ( Delhi)
    8. Sambad
    9. HT Delhi
    10. Mid - Day ( Bangalore)
    11. Dinamalar
    12. Financial Express
    13. Indian express
    14. Loksatta
    15. Matrabhoomi
    16. Mid Day (mumbai)
    17. Financial Express

    1. Training and Management
    2. Construction World
    3. Brand Reporter
    4. Images Retail
    5. Electronics For You
    6. Linux For You
    7. Information Technology
    8. Petroleum Bazaar
    9. Business Barons
    10. Reader's Digest
    11. Infrastructure Today
    12. Jet wings
    13. CHIP
    14. Modern Medicare
    15. Pharma Biz
    16. Money Life
    17. Overdrive
    18. Automonitor
    19. Chemical World
    20. Modern Electrical & Electronics
    21. Modern Machine & Tools
    22. Modern Packaging & Design
    23. Modern Pharmaceuticals
    24. Modern Plastics & Polymers
    25. Modern Textiles
    26. Modern Food & Processing
    27. Search
    28. CricInfo Magazine
    29. India Empire
    30. Developer IQ
    31. Business Sphere
    32. MyMobile
    33. Agri Watch
    34. Business world
    35. Winning edge
    36. The Analyst
    37. Projects Info
    38. career updates
    39. Management Next
    40. ENRI Times
    41. Hard News
    42. Human Capital
    43. Benefit IT
    44. Business Today
    45. Construction World -Gulf
    46. Pharma Bridge
    47. Call Connect Retailers
    48. Callconnect BPO
    49. Corporate Today
    50. Inside track
    51. Xgmobile
    52. First Option
    53. Insurance world
    54. Accomodation Times
    55. Dalal street
    56. Mutual Fund Insight
    57. Realty Plus
    58. Franchise Plus

    1. IPF Online
    2. Petroleum Bazaar
    3. Pharma Biz
    4. Images Retail
    5. Agencyfaqs
    6. Nriol
    7. Trade Dubai
    17. Value search online
    18. Andhra

    1. The “Red Herring Asia 100" 2006: Naukri won The “Red Herring Asia 100" 2006 award, for the INSTA HIRE Solution. Insta Hire is a closed loop application, which provides for instant contact by recruiters and instant application by recruitees via SMS. It is a breakthrough recruitment solution available on a revolutionary new platform going beyond the standard.

      The “Red Herring Asia 100" is given to the top 100 Asian tech companies on the basis of technology innovation, management strength, market size, investor record, customer acquisition and financial health. This year the awards were held in Hong Kong.

    2. Silver EFFIES 2006: Naukri’s “Hari Sadu” campaign won the “Silver Effies” 2006 in Mumbai EFFIE awards Ideas that Work - the great ideas that achieve real results and the strategy that goes into creating them. The EFFIE Awards gaze the co-relation between the add release and the increase in sales. Whether mainstream or alternative; digital or print; design or advertising; paid or unpaid, if the campaign can demonstrate measurable results its is eligible to enter EFFIE.

    3. Club Calcutta Award: Naukri won two awards at the Advertising Club Calcutta “Consumer Connect Awards’, for the “Hari Sadu” campaign. One is the National Trophy in the Consumer Services category & the other is the Campaign of the Year.

    In these Award the consumers play a major part. Each entry goes through the two-panel study to generate a Consumer Connect Score. Each entry is taken through two separate consumer panels. First a "Market Assessment" is conducted to determine current perception of the brand. Then a "Stimulus Assessment" is conducted with a matched panel to measure the impact the entry had on consumer's perceptions of the brand. The winner is chosen based on a live presentation of the case study.

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    Features of, launched in 2004, the fastest growing and most innovative Indian online recruitment portal, was born with a mission to reach out to all Indians in the country and abroad and provide them with the best career opportunities available. Their prime focus is to ensure that the person's skills are showcased and matched suitably with the HR requirements of employers from diverse industries, in a timesaving and cost-efficient manner. Its concentrated approach has made the blue-eyed boy of recruiters and aspirants alike. is India’s No.1 recruitment portal in India, with the largest number of active job seekers and a database of over 8.5 million candidates. In addition, the massive database of over two hundred thousand better paying jobs available from over 20,000 recruiters, including blue-chip companies from India and abroad, ensures that the search always yields results. has achieved the distinction of becoming India's No.1 Recruitment Portal in India with the largest number of active job-seekers and a database of over 8.5 million candidates. In addition, the massive database of over two hundred thousand better paying jobs available from more than 25,000 clients, including blue-chip companies from India and abroad, ensures that the search always yields results.

    Features of

    • Drop Down menus
      Drop Down menus on mouse over, from the Top Bar for Searching Jobs, My, Job Fairs & Career Services, reducing the number of clicks job-seekers has to make to take them to their destination.

    • Click to Log In
      Click to Log In on the top right corner of the screen, causes a login box to appear on the screen removing the need to open a new page for it.

    • Visibility of the most used features of a jobsite
      The search and register functions on the home page, have been given high prominence.

    • Browse Jobs
      Hidden just below the Search & Register function is a whole range of options, waiting to be discovered - ranging across the most popular industries, to browsing by function, level and location, all accessible by expanding the banner with the “+” sign.

    • The Fine Tune Search
      This feature allows a jobseeker to fine-tune their search across a host of options, from the left hand column, which clearly defines all the sub categories, one after another, empowering job-seekers to filter and fine tune their search. The options for fine tuning job searches range across Specialisation, Work experience, Industry, Date of posting and even Salary & Part time jobs. The beauty of this feature is that the options are clearly described with the number of vacancies mentioned in brackets alongside the results.

    • Voice Resumes also has the world’s first voice resume service to its credit. The service is exclusively targeted at the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in its first phase. Available as a seamless service on, potential, and existing BPO employees can now “speak and record” their resumes, including answering a few typical questions and read a randomly system-chosen paragraph as part of their online resume. The entire technology of this voice suite exclusively resides on portal.

    • Sector specific Resumes
      In order for the candidate to be a contender for positions across industries of various companies, the portal has a unique functionality that is imperative in today’s multi-tasking environment- it allows a job seeker to post multiple resumes. Candidates also have the advantage of submitting three separate and industry-specific resumes.

    • Value Added Services
      Resumes are the critical factors that ensure candidates get interview calls. ‘Magic Resume’ was launched to provide candidates with resumes that most competently reflect their qualifications and experience, drawing upon the proficiency of qualified HR experts for this process. As an extension of its core philosophy of connecting aspirants to the job opportunity, commenced the ‘Resume Zapper’ service, which gives the candidate’s resume direct access to over 1200 of the best placement consultants in India and abroad.

    • TimesJobs Mobile
      In order to offer candidates another effective contact point,, launched “TimesJobs Mobile” a mobile interface that allows the candidate to search, view, and apply for jobs simply by SMSing “Jobs” to 58888.

    • XpressHire
      In the pursuit to provide the best and the most efficient recruitment solutions to its clients, launched xpresshire. A service that enables recruiters to send SMS to targeted or even multiple candidates at a single click and receive their responses and applications. Recruiters Can SMS & Receive Applications from Job-Seekers Through timesjobs.Com.

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    About Monster India

    Think Big. Be Happy.
    Is what the tag line of Monster India says. Being one of the top most online job portal in India, Monster India continue to define and expand an industry that did not exist a mere 10 years ago. Monster works for everyone by connecting quality job seekers at all levels with employers and providing the best career advice available online.

    As the migration to the Internet continues, over 75 million of Monster's visitors have established personalized accounts that take advantage of Monster's wide breadth of services, including their global resume database or proprietary job search agent technology, that enable visitors to better manage their careers. Monster Worldwide is consistently ranked among the top 20 most visited sites on the Internet. As quoted on their website,
    Life is too short not to enjoy what you do every day. At Monster our goal is to help you make the most of the 80 or 90 years you have on this planet by connecting you to the real world opportunities that can help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

    Whether you're thinking about a new job, new career, a new city or a new direction... Monster helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you.

    It's time to aim higher, reach farther and dream bigger. To approach tomorrow with confidence and daring. And Monster's extensive job database is the ideal place to start. Here you can find not just jobs, but the one job that's perfect for you. So start searching now. And step into a whole new work life.

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    Thanks a lot for the quality informaiton you have provided.It will help 1000's of people all over india to find their dream job.
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    Online Job

    If you are working on the client-side you will be keen to hear about the latest market research findings within your industry. Use the Research Findings section to source the latest published survey results. Other industry news can be found within the Market Research News section. Also browse the Library of Articles to keep up to speed with the latest research techniques. The Suppliers section might be of interest as well.

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    Online job portals in India

    Today internet has become an effective tool both for the job-seekers and the employers. With the availability of large databases the employers find it easy to screen the right candidate for the job on the other hand the job seekers get to know about the opportunities available for them across the globe. The number of job seekers online is stated to have crossed 9.2 million in 2006-07. Indian online recruitment industry is valued at about Rs 241 crore up from Rs. 145 crore in 2005-2006. Infact job search on internet is one of the most important activities on internet in India.

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    Well this is a nice information!
    All the online job portals available in India at same place will help us a lot to get our desired job!

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    Re: Online job portals in India

    Nice information about job portals in India. I know one more job site where you can search job according to your skills, education, location, etc.
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    Re: Online job portals in India

    Internet Plays vital role in every field. we can apply for job online via visiting different types of websites. In India there are many website to apply for job. on that website we have to fill up online application form with our personal details, education, qualification and work experience. this is really easiest way to apply for a job.

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