E-Books Forum Guidelines

(1) Prerequisites - Due to constant abuse of free resources shared on our forum, we are forced to take strict actions against defaulters.
Ebooks should only have books available free on internet. No Warez should be posted here.
  • Due to constant abusing, we have closed the Ebooks Section

Important Note - Any way of Spamming the Forums, making unrelevant, useless posts, will make us terminate your account and further continuing will force us to do an IP Range Ban without any prior Warnings. Be Cautious about making your posts, we update your ebooks sections as we find free useful resources.

(2) No Illegal Content - Make sure you do not post links to the ebooks that are not in public domain or can be copyright material or can be categorized as an infrigemnet of the copyright law considered illegal. Any such links, if posted, will be removed and poster warned. Further Continuing the actions, will force in a Complete Bann for such users.

(3) Book Requests - Before you post any requests, search this forum properly for the books required.

(4) Report Dead Links - Report Dead Links to concerned moderators for those forums.

(5) These rules are subject to change anytime, without a notification. Its members responsibilites to check them in case they find some policy changes.

Thank-You for your Co-Operation.
Tech-Arena Staff