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Thread: Good SEO book for year 2015

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    Good SEO book for year 2015

    Every year there is something new changes in Google. And this affect various websites. I am trying to find a few good books that are published this year and has updated information about changing trends on Google SERP. I cannot find a good list on the web. So I thought would be worth posting here. I want recommendation for the best book of this year. I do not want any old book. New books are lot more updated with proper details on the same. I am active on some sites also that send detailed news every week. But that does not looks to be enough. To remain updated I might need some popular books. Can anyone recommend me.

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    Re: Good SEO book for year 2015

    I found a list on Amazon and I can recommend you one of the top book which is based on changing SEO trends. It is published this year and has a lot of latest information worth reading. Look for SEO Fitness Workbook 2015: Includes SEO Toolbook - Hundreds of Free Tools by Jason McDonald. This book is amazing and worth to read. It has lot of information. The good part of having this books is that, you will get references to YouTube. You can simply go on the link and watch the videos. That will put more light on the content. There are handful of explanation worth reading in it. It also covers information on Penguin and Panda updates.

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    Re: Good SEO book for year 2015

    I will recommend you to read Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence (Que Biz-Tech) by David. This book is more updated and has lot of information that you are looking for. This books comes in the list of top books which is worth going for. This book is having a lot of information and has some nice samples also. Just try looking around on the the examples in it where you get more detailed information. I think you must try this book once. It is loaded with a lot of information.

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