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Thread: Converting pdf files to epub on Android

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    Converting pdf files to epub on Android

    I want a epub convertor to convert all the pdf files of my tablet into a ebook. I am using Ebook Reader. It is not reading a number of the file formats. I thought this ebook reader might be having a lot of features and it can read all formats. But thing is quiet different here. It does not identify the pdf files. I want a epub convertor.This is the default epub format that almost all ebook readers can read. I want to find a good convertor here. I found some on Google Play but they have limitation. Some are only allowing me to convert a few starting pages only and force to buy a full version.

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    Re: Converting pdf files to epub on Android

    Try using ePUB Converter. It is a simple software that can be used for the conversion purpose. You just have to load your files in that and you can convert them as per your need. I don't really think that this application is having some kind of limitation. It will work well. I think at a time you can only convert one single file. There are many desktop based software also which are worth using. Just test this out. If you don't find this much effective then you can go ahead with a desktop based software. You can load your files in it and go ahead with the conversion purpose.

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    Re: Converting pdf files to epub on Android

    I am using ePUBator. I am not having large files. There are around 10 to 15 pdf files which I want to convert into a readable epub format and it is working well. The tool is capable of converting pdf files to a readable epub format. It can also extract the text from the files and save them for you. It is a free software. Just try this out first. If this does not work then there is a more better tool called as The File Converter. This software will help you to convert files from one format to another one. It supports different videos, images, documents, etc.

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