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Thread: How to get Firefly in Kindle Fire HD 6

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    How to get Firefly in Kindle Fire HD 6

    Is there anyone who can tell me how do I get the Firefly on my Kindle Fire HD 6? It looks to me that it is already available in the western part of the region and they already are discussing about it but I still dont have it. There is a url in the amazon website under the HD in Manage my Devices that says "Manage your Firefly audio and video" but it is difficult to manage something that you dont. I also tried to contact Amazon but didnt get any reply. Any ideas

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    Re: How to get Firefly in Kindle Fire HD 6

    I did an recent firmware update on my Kindle Fire HD6 with 4.5.3 version and even I thought that firefly was not installed with it. But later when I tried to swipe down from the top to turn on Wifi then I found it there. Just check to the right of Wireless > Quiet Time used to be. Many people have also said the same thing that happened on their ebook reader. Also, after I went to Settings > Device Options > System Updates then it says that the last update was on last week of February but I dont know a week later it showed up.

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    Re: How to get Firefly in Kindle Fire HD 6

    There was a guy who questioned Amazon about when he will get Firefly and the customer care replied that it has been completed now and so all HD tablets will be getting it. But still one of my friend didnt get it and I was going to ask him to call their customer support. I hope that when he spokes to them then eventually he will also get this Firefly feature on his Kindle Fire HD6 device. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: How to get Firefly in Kindle Fire HD 6

    Even I got Firefly option in my Kindle Fire HD6 device. I dont know what it is used for because I havent played with it too much yet. The least that I have found is that it recognizes pets and also works good for detecting a song that my sister was listening to but was not able to recollect the name of the artist. This Firefly also told me that this song was available in mp3 format and what album it was on and for how much.

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