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Thread: Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

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    Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

    I am having a Kobo Arc 7 ebook reader from couple of years now and I was not using it from last 4-5 months. Yesterday I recovered it from a cupboard and upon looking at it I just noticed that the USB port was damaged and the USB cord was not able to get to the port inside? Now I am just left with a dead Kobo Arc 7 ereader and dont know what to do? So before throwing it in the dustbin, can anyone tell me if there is any possible ways to recover it? Thank you

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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

    It might be possible that someone might be slipped your Kobo Arc 7 ebook reader and the micro-usb connector could be lifted from the circuit board and inside the ribbon cable might be ripped. So, you will need to check at various repair shop if they similar type of ribbon cable or else better contact Kobo support and ask them if they can repair it. Since your ereader is quite old so it might not be in warranty and therefore you will need to shell some money for reparing it.

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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

    Many people have reported that the usb port of Kobo Arc 7 is designed very badly. Most of the places the circuit board of this ebook reader is also not available. If you go to any local repair shop then they will also quote above 100$ for repair without giving any sort of warranty, so it is also useless. I also think that resoldering the damaged part would solve the problem but a person with soldering iron skill will only be able to do that.

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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

    Since, it is a hardware problem so it will be good to give it to the official producer of this device. You should try to get in touch with the Kobo support and ask them if your Kobo Arc 7 could be fixed or not. Sometimes, if you get lucky then you might get a replacement for your damaged ereader. Also, there doesnt seem to be any solution on how to transfer important data to desktop computer if the usb port is broken.

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