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Thread: remove demo software from Kindle Fire

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    remove demo software from Kindle Fire

    I recently got a demo unit of Kindle Fire ebook reader and it has got some demo software that automaticall runs when I turn on this device and after that all settings are locked out. I was wondering if this ereader can be rooted or a way to turn off the demo software that runs all the time? If this is not possible then can we simply format and install the new operating system? I tried searching for some solution online but cannot find anything on how to do this? So does anyone know how to remove this demo software from this demo unit? Thanks

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    Re: remove demo software from Kindle Fire

    You can try to flash a CyanogenMod ROM because there might be some issues passing with the serial through Amazon. So, all you can do is simply try to flash a recovery and then install the latest update for your model and change BIN to ZIP and test if you are able to put it back in if it helps. It is not really that hard to root a Kindle Fire, once you download all the necessary files then it will take 15 minutes to root the device and boot it normally.

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    Re: remove demo software from Kindle Fire

    I was able to do a root for another demo tablet but I needed to re-partition it first. This demo unit come with a special partition which helps the demo program and even after I rooted the tablet and installed a custom ROM still it was reinstalling the demo software on the first boot. After a lot of search I found that I had to repartition it to the stock setup and deleted the demo software and it started working fine without any issue.

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    Re: remove demo software from Kindle Fire

    Most of the Kindle Fire ebook reader usually come with a restore to factory option in their settings but in the demo units this part of the settings is kind of locked out. I also found out that once you start the setup of a Kindle Fire then you get one of the options is store demo, so if you do a factory restore or factory reset then it could put it back to that point. Try to follow a method given in the below link as well:

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