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Thread: Sony PRS-T1 frequent restart issue

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    Sony PRS-T1 frequent restart issue

    I am using my Sony PRS-T1 from quite some time and recently I started facing some issues with this ereader. I have never rooted this device in my life. I also used to keep 8-9 books at a time in this ebook reader so that it works faster. But now when I am opening any books then it will not load correctly. It is working fine when I connect it in Windows 7 though. So I did a firmware update on this device and for couple of week it worked fine. But yesterday when I connected it in my computer then it was not getting recognized in my pc, it will only sit at the Opening book status? Any ideas

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    Re: Sony PRS-T1 frequent restart issue

    Can you attempt to delete all the books from its memory or else you can even try to recover them if there are no backups and then try it again. I was also facing this similar kind of problem which was caused due to a bad formatted ePub. After searching and deleting it from my ebook reader, my device came back to life and everything started to work normally. So, try all this method and see if it is able to help you out or not.

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    Re: Sony PRS-T1 frequent restart issue

    You can try to remove the battery from your Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader and see if that helps but it will require you to perform a disassembly of your device. Or else if the problem is occuring due to a bad epub file then try to connect your ereader to the computer many times until it gets finally recognized and then delete all those files. This is the only way you can get your ebook reader to work properly again.

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    Re: Sony PRS-T1 frequent restart issue

    Try to perform a hard reset on your Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader and see if that helps:
    1. With the Sony Reader powered on, on the bottom of the device, press and hold the power button until the Device Shutdown screen appears.
    2. In the Device Shutdown screen, press Yes.
    3. Press the power button again to turn the Reader Wi-Fi back on.
    4. While the screen displays opening book....., simultaneously press and hold down the Page Turn (Next) and Back buttons.
    5. Allow the Home screen to fully load (Loading... should no longer flash in the top left corner of your screen) and then do the following button sequence while still holding down the Page Turn (Next) and Back buttons:
    6. Release - Press - Release the Back button only and then Release the Page Turn (Next) button.
    7. In the Would you like to execute Factory Initialize screen, press Yes.
    8. Press the power button again to turn on the Reader Wi-Fi. The Reader Wi-Fi will be set to factory settings.


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