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Thread: unable to clear memory from Kindle Touch

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    unable to clear memory from Kindle Touch

    I am using a Kindle Touch 3G which is 1.5 years old and it is running on 5.3 firmware software. I was trying to wirelessly remove a graphic novel from the device recently. This graphic novel is actually in the Amazon cloud and as per the home screen, it is not showing on the device. Along with that, this ereader keeps on telling me that the available memory has not been freed up. I have also tried rebooting it few times but nothing seems to be working. So, can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks

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    Re: unable to clear memory from Kindle Touch

    If you have tried it on Windows and deleted it without shift pressed then it might have gone in the system folder of "$RECYCLE.BIN". So, if it is there then the best workaround would be connect the device and then empty the Recycle Bin. Or else you can show hidden files and foldes on your ebook reader and then try to remove "$RECYCLE.BIN" by pressing the Shift+Delete key. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: unable to clear memory from Kindle Touch

    It might be also possible that it could be seomthing really small that you have forgotten about, so try to use some Disk Space Analyzer of your choice to get rid of this issue. After downloading the analyzer, just remove the files that you are seeing which takes a lot of space and define it as useless. You should note that you must remove files that you understand and look only into the documents folder, other folders might be present as well.

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    Re: unable to clear memory from Kindle Touch

    Can you tell us what excatly do you see if you are connecting the Kindle Touch to the computer by using the USB port? Are you still able to see the book in the documents directory on the kindle? If you are removing a book from MYCD then it doesnt mean that you are removing it from the ebook reader. After you delete a book from ereader, then it will delete the ebook file but will also leave behing all other data associated with ebook with the same name and a .sdr extension, you could also try to delete this if you want.

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