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Thread: adding more dictionary in Sony PRS-T2

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    adding more dictionary in Sony PRS-T2

    I have recently purchased a new Sony PRS-T2 ebook reader which is not from this country. This ereader did not come with any English to Asia country language dictionary? So can anyone tell me how do I download a English to other Asia language dictionary in my Sony PRS-T2 ebook reader? I have tried searching all over the internet for a solution but cannot find anything useful. So if anyone can help me out getting these dictionary then it will be much appreciated. Thank you

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    Re: adding more dictionary in Sony PRS-T2

    First of all I would suggest you not to update to any of the latest firmware for your Sony PRS-T2 ebook reader. Also can you tell us which firmware you have installed in your ereader? It will be best that you root your device and then it will be possible to install all the different types of dictionarys if you want. But note that rooting will void the device's warranty and also make a backup first if anything goes wrong, also do it on your own risk.

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    Re: adding more dictionary in Sony PRS-T2

    You can try to search for the Chinese-English or Japanese-English dictionary on many ebook reader websites. But if you want to use this dictionary then you will have to upgrade to the firmware version 2.3.1 or higher and install it in your ereader. After that you should rename the to and copy it to .kobo\dict\ of the reader. Just note that you will lost your previous dictionary by installing the new one. If you want a general description of the installation process then cf. New custom English dictionaries.

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    Re: adding more dictionary in Sony PRS-T2

    If you have bought the Sony PRS-T2 reader that has English dictionary then it will only support that language at the moment. All the specific ereader features 2 built in English language dictionaries and also 10 translation dictionaries like French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. When you choose a language other than English by going into the language setting then the dictionary function becomes disabled.

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