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Thread: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

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    Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    I have recently purchased a new Kobo Arc 7 HD ereader last week. While using it I have found that the battery is getting depleted very quickly and I had to recharge it 3 times in less than 30 hours. It looks to be draining in every hour or so. Is this process proper or there is some issue? I bought it because I read that it came with great battery life but after using it I am quite disappointed. Does anyone know about any solution to fix the battery issue? Thank you

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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    It depends on your usage. If you are using internet, playing games and doing multiple task at the same time, then the battery will drain fast. The best way to extend the battery output is by turning on airplane mode. Just go in the settings section and turn of things that you don't need. And then check. You can also reduce the screen brightness to get more battery life.

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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    If your ereader is draining battery at every hour then it seems to have some problem. When you are sideloading remember to be connected to the computer through the usb so that along with sideloading the Kobo Arc 7HD will also charge itself. You can even try to remove most of the preinstalled bloatware software from your ebook reader because it is possible that those might be sucking up the battery quickly.

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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    It might be possible that the ereader is updating every app it has and burning via Wifi power and memory write power. Can you go into Settings > Battery and check what all software or functions are using up most of the battery power. Most of the time, the screen is the main culprit if you have kept your brightness at high. You can try to press on the one which seems to be using most of the power too quickly and then adjust it accordingly. Just try to keep your screen brightness to 50% max.

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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    Since you have recently bought it so you can always try to exchange it if the ebook reader is still not working properly with fine adjustments. Just have the receipt ready for the exchange. Before that you can even try to perform a reset and reinstall firmware if the current firmware is not working right. Once in a blue moon, some defective products are often sold to customers which needs to be replaced.

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