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Thread: fixing a bricked Sony PRS-T1

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    fixing a bricked Sony PRS-T1

    I am using a Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader from quite long time and yesterday when I connected and uplugged it from my computer it seem to have bricked. I have already tried to do a full charge to my ereader but still there is no processing bar on the screen, no arrows or anything else. However the power led keeps lighting in yellow color. When the power is off then the amber color will not light at all. So, can anyone tell me if there is a way to repair my bricked Sony PRS-T1 then please suggest me tips as soon as possible. Thank you

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    Re: fixing a bricked Sony PRS-T1

    Have you tried to perform a repartition, if yes, then that is the reason why the Sony PRS-T1 gets bricked. You can even try to hard reset and search for recovery packages if you want. But nonetheless, it seems that you have killed it with repartitioning. Incase you are living in USA then you can get a T2 at a very cheap price on ebay. But note that there are some Sony PRS-T2 that cannot be rooted at all. Just check if you get anything at cheap rate.

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    Re: fixing a bricked Sony PRS-T1

    Try to perform a factory reset on your ebook reader and see if that works, but note that all important data will be lost. First of all turn off the device, for that press power button and hold it for 3 second and then it will ask you to turn off device, so click yes. After that press power button again to turn the ereader. Just when you see the text Opening Book, at the same time press and hold the two front and back buttons and wait until the screen Home fully loads up. After that continue to hold the front button and release the back button and then press click on back button. Again release the back button and only then release the front button. You will get a text saying that "Would you like to execute Factory Initialize" click Yes. After that turn the device off and then press the power button and hold it for 3 seconds and it will ask you to turn off device, click Yes. This way you have performed the factory settings on your ereader.

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