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Thread: Which eBook is nice for understanding Android programming

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    Which eBook is nice for understanding Android programming

    I am trying to find a eBook that can help me to learn and understand a bit more about android programming. I can see a lot of them and it is quiet confusing to choose. I had seen a few set of DVDs that are a paid option. I want to buy those. I am entirely new to android. But I am practicing the rooting thing. I understand the different concept like rooting, and unlocking the phone.Now I want to push myself a bit ahead by learning the programming to core level.

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    Re: Which eBook is nice for understanding Android programming

    There are tons of eBooks on the web. Bit it is good if you start working more practically instead of going deep in the theory. When you test something then you gain more knowledge then just by reading. Which really maters a lot. You can start working on test project. All you have to do is get a bit understanding of android OS. And then you can go ahead making your app. Learning to program this entirely will take some time as you are new to the same. You have to learn java also for the same.

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    Re: Which eBook is nice for understanding Android programming

    You can find ample of good books on the web. And it is always good to start with basic. So that you can learn the important elements on the same. I will provide you details of few books which will surely be enough for you to start learning. The best one to begin is Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours. It is a good book with lots of items clearly explained. You wont face any major issue in understanding the base here. The second one is Beginning Android Tablet Development. Just try this two first.

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