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Thread: closing apps in Nook HD+ ebook reader

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    closing apps in Nook HD+ ebook reader

    I have just purchased a new Nook HD+ ebook reader from a local store. After using it for a while I noticed that there are some apps that doesnt seem to have a close or quit button, so does this mean that it keeps running in the background process all the time, consuming too much battery as well. How do I close this apps and how to know what all apps are running in the background at the same time? Any ideas

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    Re: closing apps in Nook HD+ ebook reader

    Since it is an android ebook reader, so you can download a tool called Advanced Task Killer to get rid of the background apps running in your ereader. To proceed with the termination of the current application, you simply need to click on the desired application in the list proposed by Advanced Task Killer to select or deselect it and stop running it. A long press on an app gives you the ability to see a pop-up menu which gets displayed to conduct the desired actions.

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    Re: closing apps in Nook HD+ ebook reader

    You wont face any bigger kind of issues even if the apps are running in the background on your ebook reader all the time. You dont actually require a Task Killer app to get rid of apps. You can simply try to restart your Nook HD+ ereader once every day and it will simply wipe out all the apps running in the background. The apps running all the time hardly consume any battery from your device which you are expecting.

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    Re: closing apps in Nook HD+ ebook reader

    Most of the android devices operate differently from Windows. If you had left most applications then it will simply go into a sleep mode and remain in memory. So, you do not actually need to install an app killer until one of your programs is misbehaving and then you will have to kill it so that it doesnt troubles you. You can even check the settings on your different apps and most of them might be having a show exit type of choice for those app which are used the most.

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