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Thread: cannot access Kobo Bookstore via Sony software?

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    cannot access Kobo Bookstore via Sony software?

    I am using a Sony ebook reader and I was able to access all the kobo bookstore after the transition but from yesterday it is not working any more. After bringing up the library it also shows the sign in name and password already filled in and I had set it up to automatically sign in. But after I press the sign in button then nothing happens. After pressing the kobo bookstore I get the message not able to access ebook store and to check my network setting to make sure I have access to the internet but internet is working fine without any issues? Any ideas

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    Re: cannot access Kobo Bookstore via Sony software?

    I think that Kobo took over only the library from Sony and not the manufacturing lines. You might be in the wrong category? I also have a Sony T2 ebook reader and that seems to be working fine without any trouble. It might be possible that there is some specific issues with your account. If you can login fine from the Web then you can check it out yourself. In any case you can also go to the Bookstore app on Sony and press the Menu key and go to Account and then re-enter your login information, incase you havent done that already.

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    Re: cannot access Kobo Bookstore via Sony software?

    I have not used the Sony Store or the Kobo version ever in my life. But yesterday I was surprised to get a message on my Sony T3 ereader to say welcome to my kobo account. In any case you can try to contact kobo who might be knowing about this problem and ask any tech support guy to give you a working solution asap. However, I dont know if you will be able to buy anything on the Kobo Bookstore, since I have not tested it myself.

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